Nov. 1st, 2010

endorwitch: dengeki daisy manic (films - waynes world - we fear change)
i am sad. halloween and i did nothing.
not that i had money to DO anything..but still - sadness.

i love halloween. even since i saw ET when i was a wee thing and the kiddies and ET dressed up (followed by a hundred other US tv shows or movies that featured it in my childhood) i have always loved Halloween. i wish it was bigger here in oz!

lol - i was just thinking 'do i think that guy who plays Sherlock is good looking or not?' and 10 seconds later i see a post with a bunch of pics of him. thanks lj - i really need to sort this out in my brain! :D

a while ago i downloaded this torrent file with a bunch of ebooks in it and i have been trying to read them all.....pretty much all of them are romances...but whoever made the torrent was on crack because so far i'd say 60% of the stories are not within the romance genre the torrent was named as. so i am reading a bunch of stuff i didnt plan on but i suppose thats cool. lots of urban fantasy there is a serious number of were-stories. i am leaving them till last coz i am just not that interested but some might turn out to be cool.

but yeah - other than that my brain has been in zombie mode. i am sooo poor right now. 15 days till pay day. am so screwed.
pls tax money show up sooner than i expect it!!! T.T

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