Jan. 13th, 2011

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hey yo lj-land.
nothing new happening in my life. just reading books, going to work.....boring stuff.

if people watch the news i would assume most of you might have heard something in passing about the floods up in queensland. it seems like its all thats on the normal tv stations atm. its pretty depressing. and australian media - i just want to punch them all in the face. they are such dicks. they ask moronic questions, they are all 'ooh i must get up there and have a chance to report on this..let me revel in the tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' fuck you dick brains!
if they sounded like the actually CARED then maybe it would piss me off os much, but they dont.

i havent seen much in the way of print media but yesterday at work i was looking at the headlines on Google News at work and saw this:

Aussie heroes arise in sea of tragedy
The Daily Telegraph - Jenny Dillon
HEROES aren't meant to come from the suburbs. They're meant to come from sports grounds or movie sets. However Brisbane's suburbs and the tiny towns which lie around its fringes are now the landscape for true national valiance and fearlessness.</ blockquote>
what monkey crack was this chick on???? just coz the term has been appropriated by morons everywhere to apply to sports stars and film characters it doesnt mean they ARE heroes. heroes ARE normal people doing amazing things you stupid idiot!

and really - why dont they put down the cameras and mics for a few hours and pitch in and help in places. no one needs to hear the same info repeated ad nauseum all day long. sure let us know when something major happens but the peeps in qld ARENT watching your shows because plenty of them dont even have power so you arent giving them warnings and updates you morons.

anyways - qld (and specifically peeps i know in brissy) if you DO have access to the net and see this i hope you and your families are all ok.

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