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i had to extend my paid account today and thought wow - i should actually post something!

how is everyone in lj land. i heard lj was having some DOS dramas recently. poor form troll-geeks. i mean mess with the rest of the web but leave the fangirl corner alone!

umm my dad had a brain aneurysm recently and got us not one but two kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first one is a boy and he is (WAS) super sweet and just loved every one on sight.
a few days later the next door neighbour gave us another one - girl this time - who had been feral. shes still tiny but she is skittish and when she is feeling cheerful her fave thing to do is attack anything moving - including the poor boy. he has learn to defend himself.
half teh time they are playing but sometimes it gets a bit serious......but they DO like each other - i totally have to post some pics..a few days ago mum got out the portable cot coz my nephew was coming up for the day. kitties had taken to clawing/crawling up the site (its all mesh fabric on the sides). today i wandered past and they were both curled up together IN the cot.

argh some peeps have changed their username while i have been absent and i havent yet figured out who they are by their posts.

hmm i dont know what else to write about atm. i do have somenews but i am not sharng anywhere yet. teehee. its nothing serious...
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