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hello lj-land.
yes i am still around. not even reading friends page much of late but i am still here.

umm have i shared on here i have moved? i am living in 'elizabeth bay' - or so the real estate agent claims.
to be honest...if you are trying to be classy - its potts point, if you dont care about such things - its kings cross.
i just feel like a wanker if i say 'i live in elizabeth bay'. :D

anyways so its just over a month. uts been ok. a LOT closer to work and the city of course so thats good.
getting the phone and net connected took a few weeks. but now i am content. i dont have to leave the apartment on wekends now. lol.

slightly obsessed with Skip Beat. rather like Kimi ni Todoke.
and slooooooowly reading the very long Glass Mask. will i ever get to recent chapters??????????

skip beat is fun and one of my best friends is obsessed too so we sit around and discuss story points and different interpretations on things. :D

but i dont really have a proper obsession right now - probably why i AM neglecting lj so much.

hmm - i have some yoghurt i wanna eat but i need to do some washing up. I AM LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really should finish getting everything tidied away and take a few pics of my teeny apartment.

yeah...that laziness thing is a serious problem.
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