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Nov. 5th, 2007 10:12 pm
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I was too lazy to upload the next bundle of pics to flickr so i could share this, so for now i have just whacked this pic in my scrapbook.

These are the kiddies wearing each others default wigs.

hair swap
hair swap

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i wanna buy a new wig for my girly doll.
i want something kinda short..,no longer than shoulder length....but i cant choose.
After getting that awesome long wig off Leekeworld thats mainly where I am looking...but this time I dont have a specific style in mind so its really hard to choose. And colour is a dilemma too because the other wig it makes her look a lot paler than she is, where as her default wig which is white really brings out the colour in her face...but i dont want her to be white/blonde haired!! >.<
so drama llama.

the only other wigs i have are a mostly black, grey, or red mohair wig from Swifticles that i can try on her for colour ideas....

Leekeworld is super evil though because there are all these styled long wigs that i love too that i would love to get her but i am committed to getting her a short wig for now.

and, awww maaaaan! i was looking on DOAs news and it had stuff about mio who i had read lil Narae owners raving about the jeans she makes. well i went to her site and there are all these absolutely adorable clothes and they can be made in SD size!!!!!! I AM DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am in love with this skirt, this jacket, this top (wow doll nipples make it look so skankriffic!!), and omgawd so much other stuff. i am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i mustn't spend, I MUSTNT!!!! (well maybe on one or two pieces....hehehe)
can anyone dissuade me with bad feedback on mio? PLEASE???????????????????????

DONT LOOK AT THE PRETTY REBECCA!!!!!!!!!!! DONT LOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh i failed to mention i already bought a top and belt from Softly SHe Walks...hehe i suck at saving
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oh fuck me.....someone is selling a 43cm Narin boy REALLY FRICKING cheap on DOA. AND he is a tanned skin tone....fuck i am tempted right now!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 god damnit.

i want to get MSD size doll, and ongawdi have wanted a tanning doll so bad...and a Narin! OMGAWD!! and cheap....AAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

argh...though i am almost tempted to get a tan minisup Yisol straight from Dollfair as well....

and i was feeling so proud today that i resisted buying an $80 pair of shoes. HA!!!!!!!!!!

dude someone give me some fricking incentive to save and NOT BUY A DOLL!!!!!!!!!!
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lol....i want too many dolls.
I have left a few off that i like quite a lot but arent certain about, but i just listed my current doll wishlist over on [livejournal.com profile] foundlings.

DAMN i just thought of another one! HAHAHA

in other lame topics to share....
in australia - Cops is on after Supernatural on Monday night (ohmygod i wanna do Jensen Ackles now.....i love that guys voice) and i am SO addicted to watching it. Cops for christs sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

but yeah - lets ponder the hotness of Mr Ackles....how do you say that anyways - the way i think its said sounds LAME....
but yeah - i love his character in Supernatural....i was never interested before....but i dunno theres a bit of redneck style to him...and he is such a sleaze with the ladies...but DA-YAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

and his voice...ohmygod!!
he has been added to the list of males who could get massively ugly but are still doable in a pitch black room or wearing a paper bag on his head.

yes - there is such a list.
my sister and i have made one.
i will have to discuss with sister about whether he is worthy in her book. haha
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even before i got home i wasnt feel hungry - i think the huge amount of food the lady gave me at lunch was the prob.
but now i am home - the driveway and paths have been treated with some chemical stuff today and its making me feel sick too......NO FOOD PLEASE!!

WAH!!! there are 3 dolls i want up in the larger doll Marketplace subforum on DOA...well actually there is also a girl in the MSD sized subforum too....good thing i have no money in paypal now to even offer a layaway..hahahahaaaa T.T
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why am i not asleep??
i gotta be up in less than an hour!!

help me choose a bag!!
i want a bag to carry my dolls!

1) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1941
this one is cool looking but more expensive - carrys 2 SD sized dolls

2) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=744
not so cool but a bit cheaper - carrys 2 SD sized dolls

3) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=607
not cool at all - carries one SD sized doll

4) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=2390
not cool, but okay price - carrys hound sized dolls

i am tempted toward the bags that can carry 2 dolls......can you squish 2 dolls into the 'fits one doll only' bags without causing probs? i dont wanna have to carry a billion bags around if my doll collection grows.

oh - there is this bag
fits one SD sized doll but is a bit pricey....but i dont think i would feel comfortable shoving my kids in a coffin-style bag no matter how groovy. O.o

[edit] pornish_pixies is back! i can sleep easy.....for about half an hour T.T
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i fixed his eyelash with masking tape stuff inside his head and i chopped up that stupid DOD wig i hated. this pic actually makes the hack job look good - actually its totally crap!

ah but it brought back swell memories of chopping off Barbies hair - i never liked totally hacking the hair to the roots on Barbie - i always ATTEMPTED to style it...heh.

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the boys

the boys

well i am now undecided. i was relooking at the pics of Sha and Lahoo and noticed lil Lahoo has more darkness around his eyes....not much but its certainly darker than Sha.
and since DOD said I could request any make up after i have bought the doll give your opinion on which face overall you like (try and ignore the make up).

If you want to see more pics - Lahoo / Sha

[Poll #696958]

Just waiting for the money to clear in paypal so i can order! Help me while away the hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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