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This is the second jumper that mother knitted for Ella.
Isnt it cute?

Ella in the jumper mum made her

I received two dresses in the mail for minisup today. :D
I wish she would arrive already!
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i went a lil crazy on Dollmore and now i dont have enough to buy the wig i want off a seller on DOA. oops!!!!!!!!!!

i did send a pm to buy some clothes off a different person on DOA as well, and paid my web host, so i cant blame it all on Dollmore, but wah - i want that wig. now i have to choose something different and cheaper....poop.
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i wanna buy a new wig for my girly doll.
i want something kinda short..,no longer than shoulder length....but i cant choose.
After getting that awesome long wig off Leekeworld thats mainly where I am looking...but this time I dont have a specific style in mind so its really hard to choose. And colour is a dilemma too because the other wig it makes her look a lot paler than she is, where as her default wig which is white really brings out the colour in her face...but i dont want her to be white/blonde haired!! >.<
so drama llama.

the only other wigs i have are a mostly black, grey, or red mohair wig from Swifticles that i can try on her for colour ideas....

Leekeworld is super evil though because there are all these styled long wigs that i love too that i would love to get her but i am committed to getting her a short wig for now.

and, awww maaaaan! i was looking on DOAs news and it had stuff about mio who i had read lil Narae owners raving about the jeans she makes. well i went to her site and there are all these absolutely adorable clothes and they can be made in SD size!!!!!! I AM DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am in love with this skirt, this jacket, this top (wow doll nipples make it look so skankriffic!!), and omgawd so much other stuff. i am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i mustn't spend, I MUSTNT!!!! (well maybe on one or two pieces....hehehe)
can anyone dissuade me with bad feedback on mio? PLEASE???????????????????????

DONT LOOK AT THE PRETTY REBECCA!!!!!!!!!!! DONT LOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh i failed to mention i already bought a top and belt from Softly SHe Walks...hehe i suck at saving
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just woke up...d'oh.

but lols - i am almost tempted to not explain the last post at all. teehee
i WILL explain later.

anyhoo - can someone please work up some motivation for me to go to this party tonight? i am so not excited.
haha - i do have an excuse not to go..i did leave my invite at work and i am hopeless at finding their house without someone to guide me......but no - i should go....to see my friends costumes at least i MUST go. one of them is going as catwoman supposedly....halle berry leather catwoman!!!! O.o

ooh rant topic.
there is a person of DOA selling a Tender Twingkey doll for $570 w/ DOD carrier or $550 w/o carrier (amount does NOT include shipping). If you bought ths same doll directly from DOD with makeup AND you chose to buy her with the cute DOD outfit in the default pictures it would only come to $440!! (And DOCs always include the carrierbag from DOD.)

The only extra the chick is offering is a 'Human T-Shirt in Grey with DoT Picture' which came with the Twingkeys when they were first released. dude i dont think that shirt is worth $130!!! i hope some moron doesnt buy the doll without checking DODs site first.

I was tempted to send them a polite PM lettng them know that a person can get the doll with clothes cheaper from DOD but.....i dont know - maybe they should just suffer with the non-salage. :p

in related news - i actually like th Twin-B face better but i want it on a girl.
can you put the boy DOC heads on girl bodies??????

not taht i should be BUYING dolls right now or anything......ARGH!
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god i am so tired.
did i mentioni didnt go sleep last night?????????/

and dudes i couldnt help myself - i took girl doll to work with me. so i could sleep propely on the train either because i was holding her. man iam so tird. ijust finish reading something and then i sleep - i will try and get up early to do the podcast contribution.....i cant even think atm...........

oh. i have a name at last by the way.
i knew if we had some quality bonding time i would decide on a name....and boy was teh way it came about embarrassing.
but i will share when i am more alive.............
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So yeah - after I was at the physio (and dude my foot hurt WAAAY more afterwards than beforehand...WAH!) we went to Penrith and saw Hannah and Shabnam. WOO! Hannah ie so cute. I shall be shortly uploading pics to Flickr.

But while we were out, mum and i went to Spotlight and bought some stuff (i found this really cute fabric...hopefully mum can help make a cute top for my girly doll at some point), and after lunch we hauled butt to Target. i bought a few things!

since i have been on a spending spree for doll i do not yet have, i have been annoyed DeeDee (my awesome replacement doll that the mighty [livejournal.com profile] davidd sent me after i had a major rant about her being destroyed by my old dog) had no extra clothes to wear. i did look on ebay but all the peeps selling Barbie clothes wanted to charge shocking shipping or didnt ship out of the US (australian sellers stuff were shite) so yeah - i wanted to buy some barbie clothes. had no idea how much they would cost but the ones i found were CHEAP so i bought 3 outfits! haha

she looks so cute!!

also bought 2 mills and boons including Susan Napiers latest!!! (she is my fave M&B author).
AND finally we were all in the toy section and at one point while dad was holding hannah, she had grabbed this cookie monster doll off the shelf when he wasnt looking. he was gonna put it back but i saw the price and it was only $8 so i bought it for her.....everytime we tried to grab it she would start yelling. she had great enjoyment chewing on his eyes.

ANYWAYS my Leekeworld order arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pic below - the flash picture came out clearer but the non-flash one shows the colour better.....so i photoshopped them together.

and these are the shoes i got. they have heels but i think she should be able to wear 'em...but i will probably need to have her in a doll stand to wear these.

Got an email tonight - Dollmore order shipped!



re the WIG.....omgawd i nearly came when i saw it!! it was so what i wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
god damnit it better fit her!!!!!!!!!!! i will cry if it doesnt!!!!!!!!!!

its very thick and heavy though...i mean Swifts default wig is long and not that heavy and that sucker would always fall off his head...i hope the cap bit on the wig is tight so it doesnt fall off my girl.

and i will have to play with the fringe a bit to make it look right. but OMGAWD is sooooo reira hair it hurts! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

i stop spazzing now!!!
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haha - well yeah - it hadnt been activated. so fun - just did something online.
now we gotta wait (supposedly gotta wait 30 mins) then we can try and use the recharge doohickey dad bought....and i should finally be able to use the thing.

anyways - i bought the less cool looking double sized bag from dollmore so i could buy some other things as well. HEE!
i feel so bad for Swift, i was playing around with him yesterday and i have all these cool girly clothes but only a few outfits for him. >.<
he is super floppy atm. must get glue to stick down that weird inside bit when i go to restring him.

oh...and because i fell asleep while waiting to go online last night i slept till like midday and totally forgot i wanted to go into the city today. DAMNIT....

i'm hungry.
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why am i not asleep??
i gotta be up in less than an hour!!

help me choose a bag!!
i want a bag to carry my dolls!

1) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1941
this one is cool looking but more expensive - carrys 2 SD sized dolls

2) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=744
not so cool but a bit cheaper - carrys 2 SD sized dolls

3) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=607
not cool at all - carries one SD sized doll

4) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=2390
not cool, but okay price - carrys hound sized dolls

i am tempted toward the bags that can carry 2 dolls......can you squish 2 dolls into the 'fits one doll only' bags without causing probs? i dont wanna have to carry a billion bags around if my doll collection grows.

oh - there is this bag
fits one SD sized doll but is a bit pricey....but i dont think i would feel comfortable shoving my kids in a coffin-style bag no matter how groovy. O.o

[edit] pornish_pixies is back! i can sleep easy.....for about half an hour T.T
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in cool news.
when i got home the doll shoes i bought second hand off the girl who runs Softly She Walks had arrived! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man i cant wait till my Narae arrives. dressing her up is gonna be sooo fun.

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