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So Wednesday i wasted too much money on dvds. my resolve to not watch Robin Hood went down teh toilet as soon as i saw them in JB HiFi....they were the second ones i saw after Spooks season 7 and my brain had gone 'OH EM GEE RICHAAAAAAAAAAAAAARD' and being sesnsible flew out teh window!

SO! i got:
Spooks season 7
North and South
Robin Hood season 1 and 2
Poirot: Taken at the Flood (this has Elliot Cowan)

I was highly disappointed I couldnt find the Vicar of Dibley special with RA. And also I found a boxset of Shakespeare ReTold but they also had 3 of the 4 dvds available seperate but the on RA is in - DID NOT HAVE! DENIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am almost finished watching Spooks.
I love when Lucas smacks people around. but i wanna hurt people who hurt him. like when meanyface Roz tazered him!
the scene in ep 1 with his shirt off and you see Lucas' tats - i similtaneously went 'HOLY CRAP CHECK HIM OUT!' but also "OMGAWD HE IS SO SKINNY! EAT SOMETHING RICH!!!!!!!!!!'
one guess why i like this picture:
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i am trying to think up something to say about the latest SPN ep.

HOLY SHIT!! you cant get D.A.R.Y.L. on dvd on Amazon. OMGAWD THANK YOU MOVIE COMPANY WHO RELEASED IT!!. dude i have been a hardcore Barret Oliver fan since i was a lil kid. i LOVED him in that film....hell i loved him in everything i saw him in.

lols - and another film i loved andwill probably hate if i ever see again The Boy Who Could Fly. WOO!
i like adding things to my amazon wish list. :D

when i saw Flight of the Navigator again recenly - boy i was not impressed at all.....except as ever 80s Sarah Jessica Parker is made of cuteness and WIN!

in other news - i want a Tracy Turnblad and Link Larkin doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x-mas prez perhaps?????
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first dvd watched.
omgawd its so dean-tastic isnt it?

i am not a huge sammy fan in general. he's okay, but liking one or the other - dean wins it EVERY time with me......but the one thing that i think is really unfair for sammy is the fact he never got to resolve stuff with his dad - i mean things sort of got okay for a bit in season one near the end but then the fighting started again, you know?
even when the boys saw him in All Hell Breaks Loose pt 2 - it just seemed like it was all about John and Dean. i was all 'WHAT ABOUT SAAAAAAAM????'
now after watching In My Time of Dying again it makes me even more upset for sammy. T.T


ooh - deleted scenes!! exciting!

anyhoo - i wish i could stay up and watch another dvd but i unfortunately have work in the morning.................
did i mention i was at work till 5:45pm?
thankfully the guy didnt take an hour - but only because i pushed the huge-ass overloaded second trolley downstairs for him. he goes 'are you sure you can push it?' dude -its on wheels - i reckon i could push more than my own weight if whatever it is is on wheels...i am not some piss-ant wussy girl.

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