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so i went to the city today coz kellan (emmet) and eddie (laurant) from Twilight were doing a signing at JB Hifi in the strand arcade. i got to the city about 1:30 and had kfc and easyway for lunch.

i then went to JB and bought my twilight dvd so i would have a receipt so i could get an autograph. this was about 2ish. i then got told to go to the enquiries counter to get my number for the autograph queue.
i was #176!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111

so i loitered for a bit then went upstairs for a bit but then some guy came up and told the folks there to come down and start queueing so i followed them back down into teh shop and there people kinda losely queueing but i at least was being polite and tellinga nyone with a number lower than mine to go ahead of me.
finally at about 3 they started getting people properly lined up in number order and people were winding around the aisles of the store. we were in line fo EVER! after a LONG time i decided to sit down coz my legs were aching. had a bit fo a chat with teh other fangirls there. back up the one and only other team jacob girl...though i had to declare that jasper was THE best!
at about 4:30 everyone was getting up for no apparant reason. we started hearing random fangirl screams but it was just for the media cameras.

the gusy showed sometime just after 5pm.
and then well us kids numbered above 1-- started getting right pisse. coz 1 line wasnt moving. 2 there was heaps of screaming at teh prompting of the media - including some RETARD FUCKWITS from some sydney radio show....all the chix near me totally agreed - if they had come near us with the mics we would have told them to fuck off before shoving the mic in the nearest orifice.
anyways after a forever wait we finally started moving and with all the store posters and shelves you couldnt see the guys from our end till you were right on them which made taking pics totally shit!! i should have said forget the autos and just waited over on the 'viewing' side and taken a bazillion photos from there! i was there early enough i would have had a prime spot near the front!

anyways so finally get to the guys - some dude grabs my dvd sleeve to hand to kellan and i was trying to take pics of both the boys and i was so chesed off when i realised kellan was signing the front of the sleeve instead of the inside but what could i do then. when he handed it back and looked at me and smiled i just said thank you and smiled back and moved onto eddie. same deal there.
while eddie was siging my sleeve one of the jb guys goes dont hold up the queue coz i was takinga pic and i said 'i wont' but dude eddie was still frakking signing the thing when you said it moron! as soon as he gave it back i said thanks and moved on.
what an arsehole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 die jb staff dude!!!!!!!

so yeah thats about 3 and a half hours of waiting for like 10 seconds of face to face star time. i really feel it was worth it...NOT!

anyways i am sooo fucking tired now. AGAIN! (last night i was so dead when i got home i took the dog outside to the toilet, updated my poupeegirl thing and went to bed and proceeded to sleep like the dead for 12 hours straight).
i go to bed soon coz my parents wanna go to the ANZAC march in the morn and i wanna catch a ride with em.

but yays - at least i now have twilight on dvd. i can watch it and perv on jackson looking like a tard as much as i want. looking forward to teh bonus stuff too!

anyways when i upload my photos to flickr (the few that came out....maybe even the shitty blurry ones) i will post some here to show y'all!
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rebecca may (that would be me heh) did post some thoughts about The Kids Are All Right over on her weblog.
umm i was gonna link it then i remembered i DO NOT link to blog from here - i dont want people seeing this lj in the referal list on the sidebar.....

so i will x-post here under cut:

The Kids Are Alright comments - not TOO spoilery...but some people want to be ABSOLUTELY spoiler free and i respect that )
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i just read a lil harry/neville fluff fic and it talked about harry doing things to the shell of nevilles ear.....and i was thinking 'must be a conch'

OH I AM TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

bed time!!!!!!

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