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holy crap.
my podcast rambles are getting longer and longer...i am at almost 16 minutes now,

[edit] down to 12mins 45 seconds...dana is that too long???????????? i can keep trimming but not right now - i need sleep.
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stupid computer.
was trying to edit thingy to send in for next [livejournal.com profile] fandom_rocks podcast and stupid proggie crashed again. i will have to wait till after i get back from work....

anyways - any SPN fans who read this - you should contribute to the podcast!!!

thoughts about events in any of the first few eps of Season 3 are welcome, or you could make a message for the start of the podcast (if you havent listened there are a bunch of people saying something like 'hey my name is dorkface and Fandom Rocks in my hometown"
(just change *dorkface/my home town* to *your name/city you live* of course!)

i am sure anything you want to talk about regarding supernatural as long as its not 'man that show sucks losers' would be welcome. :D in an earlier podcast one girl read out a short fic. it was cool!!1
and i contributed some very serious questions: 'dean - how come your car is always so shiny? and john - how did you afford the dental work on your boys teeth..i mean DAMN!!!'
important questions people! haha

anyways - current request is for your fave one liners from the most recent ep. i am having trouble deciding......

ANYHOO - i just had another idea.
me and ideas ae BAAAAAAAAAAAD!! because if its embarrassing for me i may actually carry it out!!!! filks...FILKS PEOPLE!! OMGAWD!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i felt enough shame at the x-mas ones for Pottercast.

anyways this post from when they were first asking for greetings messages gives you info on how to contribute.
i just record myself, convert the sound file to mp3 and then email it in.

come on fans. dont make brande, dana and me the only people talking on this thing!
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lols - i was laying in bed this morning when i remembered the bit in the episode where Pride was talking to Sam....and i was all DUDE - i totally forgot to mention that in my podcast contribution!!!!!1
when i was watching the ep i was all 'WHAT???????????????????' but then got distracted by dean again.
i find thats a problem with SPN in general. i do notice lots of things but overall my brain recalls the dean stuff best....just a wee bit fixated there! :D
ANYWAYS so i am HOPING to go out shortly...i may have to call a cab to get to teh station if mum doesnt get back soon. but i just had a shower and was all 'okay i gotta record this thing about Pride and send it before i go' so i rewatched that bit of the ep and typed up the dialogue, then recorded my lil ramble, encoded it as an mp3 and sent it. took less than 10 mins!!!

my other one took ages!!! due to program crashing and having to edit the whole bloody thing together again piece by piece. GAH!!!

so yeah - i am hoping editing hasnt been completed so it can be added to it because its a way more important question than the rest of what i said before...lols.
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[livejournal.com profile] fandom_rocks was asking for submissions for the next podcast from people post-new ep viewage.
despite shame from the last submission i have just sent in my contribution.....its sooooo lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a total and utter dork!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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