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funfilled evening.

friends and i went to karaoke and then we had korean food for dinner. WOO!

i am sad though - on the way home i bought an tub thingy of black sesame ice cream and i droped it at one point and didnt realise till i got home that a big ass whole had cracked open in the lil tub so some had leaked out...not heaps thankfully but still - sadness!
i hope it will be okay.....put some foil over the crack and an elastic band around that and wacked in the freezer....i shall see how it is tomorrow. i sooo love that oce cream.

anyways we tried out Echo Point instead of Karaoke World and while it has quite a few cool western songs that Karaoke World doesnt - its a bit dingy looking. and the room we were in the sound wasnt that great...so if we do a work karaoke thing i am gonna reccommend karaoke world for sure.

the korean place - it didnt look so brilliant but damn the food was good. and i still feel full so thats extra awesome!!
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ooh i got a package from cdjapan today.

i bought the NANA best cd and OLIVIAs The Cloudy Dreamer.
WOO! finally i have the lyrics to her english version of Wish...some of them were indecipherable to my wee ears.

anyways i had some miso soup before but its just made me more hugry! TIME FOR SANDWICHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i made dinner for myself.
i is a good girl!

i used the rice cooker. i did something wrong because it switched off the cooking stage too early. i forced it to cook more though and it turned out okay.

please give advice to person who has no mother around to ask.
what proportion of rice to water does one put in a rice cooker to make it cook perfect??

i shall probably be forced to cook more rice this week.

i wish i liked eggs more - we have heaps of eggs.

devastated to find the capsicum in the fridge was all dodgy. i love capsicum!!!!

oh and we dont have oyster sauce. how can a stir fry be awesome without oyster sauce? (okay my dinner was pretty yum but the oyster sauce would have made it full of extra yum!!)

if emma can come over and get me i might go to shop with her and buy some stuff. if she is just doing a flying visit after work i will just request bread.

i have enough for seconds. should i eat it or save it for later...maybe tomorrows lunch?

anyhoo, non-food stuff.
yesterday i was being a doofus taking some pics of myself..hahaaaa and i noticed i had serious bags under my eyes. i didnt feel tired but i LOOKED tired.
anyways after i rang luke this morning i just lay in bed and fell asleep and didnt wake up till about 5:30pm.... O.o

i need to do my stretches for my foot soon.

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