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aaah. well mother didnt come home before i left so i had to get a cab. got to cinema with about 20 mins to spare so i bought ticket, went to the loo and then hunted for easyway! WOO!

haha - i didnt need the sing-a-long version really - have sung along every time i have seen it anyways...but yeah it was fun. i only heard one other person singing though. :D
and you know the bit in The New Girl in Town where the black girls go 'we'd like to say *bop bop* to the new girl in town'....well i yelled out 'fuck you' in that bit and everyone laughed.
woo go me!

anyways on the walk back to central i hit Breadtop and Easyway (AGAIN!)...i didnt buy a lot of stuff at breadtop but i feel really full after the stuff i did eat. i havent been eating much this weekend and everytime i do i feel mega full. >.<

anyways the other day when i bought my SPN dvds i also bought a couple of cheap dvds from JB - Rent and Slither. i had never seen Slither but Nathan Fillion is in it so i thought it might be worth it...mum and i just watched it and yah - it was kinda lame. heh.

OMGAWD. i have never watched that movie Hitch but the end of it is on my tv - Heavy D and the Boyz - Now That We've Found Love - I HAVE TO WATCH CLOWNANA AGAIN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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