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my neck made a loud cracking noise earlier and i was hopeful that hey - maybe thats just what it needed to stop the pain...but no. its given a lil 'hellooooo' just now. poop

at least i havent had a headache this evening.

family keep asking me about HP7....i dont really wanna talk about it.
but will have to talk to my friend sarah tomorrow.

over on the FIA forums people have brought up spectacular points why lots of the book was shite and i cant argue with them. there were lots of things that annoyed me....

but yeah - i dont feel like enthusing over something that i wouldnt list in my 'all time fave books' list. POA and GOF are the only HP books taht would ever be there.

plus none of the family have READ it and i cant give details so what is the point of talking about it anyways????????????????????

armeleia wrote the most awesome thing.

Don't bother to read the epilogue, though - it's like.... bad, barely intelligible fanfiction.

i need some quality d/g action RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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at the launch my friend sarah and i were out the front of borders geeking out with our books taking pics of ourselves and the rest of the queue still waiting (sorry people!) and sarah took a pic of me on my camera that i dont find utterly repulsive! I AM SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks scarf for hiding the double chin! :D

ooh - did i mention? this morning when mum drove me to the station (at 5:40-something) i didnt see them but mum saw some kids sitting outside the only bookstore in springwood waiting for the shop to open.....those kids had another 3 hours wait in the cold!!!!!!!!!!
at least i was in a not-too cold train for an hour and a half...


Jul. 22nd, 2007 03:25 am
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I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

and i CRIED LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

and the D/Ger in me will just pretend the epilogue bit never happen, thank you!

I CANT BELIEVE ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey chums.

am not finished yet.
was getting near the end when i was asked to doggysit keeva for a few hours as she is having anxiety attacks to the point she is sick when left alone. i had the book with me but didnt read that much. then was taken out to chinese afterwards by parents nd there friends...then halfway through dinner got a voldemort-in-my-head style headache so when we got home i lay on the bed for a bit with the eyes closed tryign to ease it....woke up five mins ago. haha

anyways i am up to chapter 27 and am about to plw on to the end.
shall not post again till i am done.

have had a few lil cries and lots of giggles (mostly near the start) so far.

once more in to the breach dear friends!

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