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luls and all that.
a workmate was asking the order of the HP books and my 'urgh - shut the hell up harry you whiny brat' NON-love for book 5 meant i completely forgot to list it. teehee.
i realised when i was writing back to her commenting about the series overall that i had left it off.

in other news, rebecca is showing severe signs of internet withdrawal today.
i am not the average internet junkie. the internet is NOT what i need a fix of - its actually whatever my obsession is at the time......which at this precise moment is jensen ackles. *sigh*
so if tv/magazines/books could be consistent enough in showing me what i am after then interent junkie like behaviour wouldnt be an issue with me....sadly these sources of info/entertainment do not give me things like D/G fanfic. or regular pics of mt ackles.

ANYWAYS - so i was looking for ANY mag we might have received at work today with pics of Jensen in it but there was nothing - so i went to TWO newsagents trying to find a sci fi-y/horror/cult tv mag that might have SOMETHING. NO LUCK!!
so my friend david - after i grovelled - went on google with his whizz-bang phone and guess what the first pic that comes up on google image search for jensen is???? SHIRTLESS BABY! he saved it and sent it to my phone via bluetooth and i have been content since about 3:30pm. :D
my phone has such a pretty wallpaper now. though really - i would prefer a face close up just so i can stare at his dreamy eyes.....YES I HAVE IT BAD!!!!!!!!!!! what a tool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shutting up now!

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