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woo - i just had a bath and used one of the Lush Ballistic ball thingies. yummy smells agaiN!!!!!!!!!!

but now i feel really hot. >.<

but yeah - i havent had a bath for years....hmm i know i had one when we were in england in 2001...have i had one since???????

anyways should get to bed shortly.
dude x-mas isnt far away...what am i gonna buy peeps?

i was thinking of hitting up Lush for the chickies i know and getting them all something delicious. :D
but we will see - aiming to not spend TOO much on everyone.
endorwitch: dengeki daisy manic (80s - bod - ricky)
i feel very sleepy.
i was really tired when i got home but somehow managed to stay awake which is good because i hate having showers in the morning. i smell all Lushy again. omgawd i want to eat the American Cream conditioner people. holy crap its yumy.
my hair is usually always up so it cant fling about and make my neck hot - at work i will turn my head quickly and suddenly get a whiff of the conditioner and start rambling about smelling good! LOLS.

I like the Alkmaar soap i bought but its scent is faint in comparison to the conditioner...i wanna find another yummy soap thats a wee bit stronger.....but then again i would sit at work sniffing myself all the time - maybe not the best thing..hahahaa

channel 10 had the first ep of the show Psych on tonight. i enjoyed it. i may continue watching! :D

umm...what else to report?

i had heaps here but have decided to put it in a seperate friends only post. :D

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