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fucking hell.
misty is having issues and just did a magical puke which i had to help pull the gunk from her mouth...just fab.
but add to that she has had bladder control issues since she was hit by a car a few years back so while she is running about panicing avout being unable to breathe she is leaving lil droplet about the place. in some spots a LOT! so i had gone to the laundry to get the bucket and mop ready and i gad walked out waiting for the stupid tap water to heat up and i slipped on one of her lil puddles and banged my knee which feels ok now but i smashed my arm against the wall as i went down and it FUCKING KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you break a bone in your forearm can you still move your fingers????? i am tking finger movement as a good sign but maybe i am being stupid. jesus its hurting though. when i try and lift anything with that hand/arm it hurts more.
i had a big cry and misty is freaking out over that. haha
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Finished season 1 of Robin Hood...just checking to see if there is another ep Richard is doing the commentary! WHOOP! found one.
its the one with the flung around baby!

Debating whether to start in on season 2 or get some sleep.

Memorial service for that family friend today but Emma and Jason cant go and I have no other way to get there. People are gonna be annoyed with us. I dont know if bro n sis even care...I feel bad.

Puppy is still acting weird. But mostly she is sleeping which doesnt ease my mind because i worry something is blocking her air passage so i spend a lot of time checking she is still breathing.

Anyways. I will shut up for a while.

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