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haha - more random blokes wanting to talk on myspace. dude i should just upload a normal picture of myself. then NO guys would talk to me - haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

anyhoo - i left work early to go to the physio this afternoon. i made sure i left a bit earlier than i normally would to account for rebecca-is-slow-as these days, so i could catch the right train. i got to north syd okay and got on first train that came.


it sat for a good ten minutes at milsons point, then a few more minutes just outside milsons point station,,,,,and then chugged VEEERY slowly across the harbour bridge and through the city circle train tunnels......so i missed my train at central.
there was supposedly a train that left from the intercity platforms that stopped at springwood (like my normal train home) that got in 10 minutes later than the train i was planning to get...but when i got back there it said the train was now leaving from parramatta so get on the train at the station right then and the train wil be waiting at parramatta. the next mountains train wasnt for another half hour so i said what the hell - maybe i would get to springwood just in time.

this train also chugged along slowly.
parramatta - the springwood train was NOT waiting. so i ended up catching the mountains train i would have got from central anyways.
except at central i would have got a seat immediately and on the assy train i got i had to stand till strathfield. my feets were NOT HAPPY!

mountains train was also arsing about and got in at 6:30 - appointment missed, physio CLOSED. home i went. GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry luke - all physio appointments will now be during teh day - at least if i go from HOME i know i will make it on time!

my foot is very achey tonight. i havent had the pressure bandage thing on since last week but had to wear it tonight. T.T

also wearing super lame slippers mum bought me - she was so excited and i just laughed at them. but they are warm...and i am not planning to wear them outdoors so its okay. hahhaa

i have a lil cold. dad why are you asleep? i need to steal clarinase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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in other 'whatever' news.

if some random musician friends me on myspace and their profile page takes an AGE to load (am still on dial up here) and it starts playing music even before the rest of the page loads - sorry but i am not hanging around long enough to see if you are worth friending asshat!
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thank you myspace!!!
i have found my new boyfriend!!!

check it:

hello how goes you
i hope that you re in good health
my name is ***** from tunisia .I have 30 years old and i like to make a serious relation with you if possible.

i knew i joined that place for a reason....i was just foolish to think it was anything but this one! *chortles insanely*

go me.

May. 18th, 2007 02:43 am
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ergh - i have stomach ache....too much pizza??????

but yay. i have made some changes to my webpage. i made a new header image for the front page (the most effort was in colouring a b/w manga pic and then choosing a font.....lols) and then i chnaged the layout on my fanlists page. its really damn simple. i was too lazy to make a lot of effort. but yay for change. i feel productive.

of course this happens when i should be in bed just in case my foot feels okay enough in the morning for me to go to work.... oops.

ooh and arj barker found me worthy of friending back. arj!
seriously - i have like 4 real people friended on myspace. the rest are all musicians/comedians.
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lols. i am so out of the loop.
i was just looking at some profile editor thingy on myspace....they made another die hard movie!!!11

john mclane has been fighting the terrorists for years! go john!
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i joined the legion.
yes i joined myspace.
i want to stalk famous people on there!

i feel thats a far more valid reason to join than 'everyone else is doing it'

but umm...why isnt my verification email being sent turds?????????
i wanna add some peeps to my friends. >.

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