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Just one of the pics I took of Ella while we were down at a creek/beacharea near where my aunty lives. I got a couple of good pics......surely loked like a freak wandering around with a doll, camera and carrying an umbrella to protect us both from the sun. But do I give a damn??? :D

Anyways - just posted a load of pics onto flickr and added SOME tags but i need to do a load more plus add titles/descriptions...but i am not doing that now. i need sleep.
and podcast recording shall have to wait till tomorrow night.
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Borders balloon on the day of HP7 launch.
We <3 Harry? Are you sure JKR? ARE YOU SURE??????

Actually some of us love the blonde git wit the receding hair line! :p

its over!

May. 16th, 2007 03:17 am
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oh thank god.

either i wacked the guy when it was under a bag or i got him good when i tried to kill him initially and he just wanted to find somewhere quiet to die. he is curled up dead on the floor near the wall. i hit him with a crutch a few times to be doubley sure. ast least i will get some sleep tonight.

here is the lil bastard!!!!!!!!1 I KEEL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 MWAHAHAAAAAA

Somehow I won the battle.

obviously the floor needs to be broomed. but dude i aint going near that till daylight. i know its dead but i have irrational fear that its some OTHER spider and the real lil bastard is laying in wait for me....

[edit] eh - and dont let his folded up legs fool you - when he was on the wall - he was BIG!!!!! okay - not the biggest i have ever seen - i have seen some HUGE huntsmen spiders - but he was big enough that i was too scared to go near with him with my doc boots which i can usually do with moderate sized spiders if i have to....

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