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So i was wanting to send a postcard to the SPN cast and crew after seeing the postcard wall - so cool! :D
ANYWAYS then i decided i wanted to do something different so i talked my buddies into doing a round of SPN-inspired purikura which we would send!
When I first suggested it i had this plan to bring this silly fake guy i bought for halloween which is an old style pistol like a very swashbuckley pirate would have and we would say THAT was the Colt - but on the day i totally forgot it.
we hit up some $2 shops before hand but the only gun i found was a old style rifle...DAMNIT!!!

so anyways the first round we did some cool pics but for some reason the timer thing went super fast when we were trying to pick them so we only got ONE of the shots we really wanted. also that machine usually you can pay $5 and you get an extra large print but they had blocked off the coin thing for that so i couldnt do it - was so pissed off because TAHT was what i had originally planned to send to the crew.

ANYWAYS so in the end - the two main pics - it kinda works because one we are being all serious and the second we are being goof-tastic so it looks really funny. its hard to see but the lil pics on the side - one says 'SPN ROCKS' and the other says 'we <3 jensen'.

btw - the heart glasses = not decoration. with the crushing defeat of no toy guns in the $2 shop i chose to buy a different random prop. :D

so yeah - we were bummed and decided to do a second round which worked out a bit better.....except we forgot that machine at the end does these extra shots....and the stupid machine ended up using one of those shots as the lil ones on the side....so we look completelly daft - me and cheryl looked surprised, you can only see anitas arm and grace has already buggered off. everytime we looked at it afterwards we would cackle hysterically because its so LAME!

oh yeah and you csnt see it in the scan but in the second pic on the top row - it actually says 'the colt' at the very top in this shiny writing that does not scan well, and so the girl are all posing their hands so they are like guns....and that explains the rest of the text. :D

so yeah - i sending these to canada tomorrow sometime. :D
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haha - Swift is wearing Ellas default wig and Ella is wearing Swifts default wig...and dude - they fit AWESOME AND LOOK AWESOME!
i was shocked!!!!
i will need to take pics tomorrow when i get home from work!

haha - yeah, i forgot to mention didnt i?? Naraes name is Ella Triste!

"Ooh - that looks spooky in there"

if you are new to my lj then you can check out my pretty girl here:

and if you wanna see the boy see here:
(i still love him but his face just isnt the same since his accident, so any pics dated prior to April this year have him how I love him best - lols Swifts head and my old camera died on the same day... why am i loling???????????)

[edit] this is forever (well until i do finally take another i love as much of course) my fave pic of Swifticles...so emo yet so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So emo

dude - i havent seen that scarf since around the time that pic was taken. i think Swift ate if as punishment for all the photos i was taking!

Dolly people - do you think its wrong to want to order another Lahoo and get the same face up and say THAT is Swift and call the boy i have something else? he just doesnt look the same to me even though its pretty damn close....i salute Armeleia for that totally! i was just going gaga over the painted eyelashes again the other day... ;D
I sometimes think about doing that. but then i love lil Swifticles because he is my first resin baby too, so maybe i wouldnt be as attached to the character/doll if i changed him. and his battered lil bod suits his character well also.

anyways i really must sleep. i was up most of the day which means i deprived myself of much needed weekend sleeptime.
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Some dorkass purikura from Saturday.
The first one we buggered up choosing the pics so we had to do a second round and redo one of our silly pic ideas. haha

we are tools!!

purikura oct 20 - pic 1 purikura oct 20 - pic 2
purikura oct 20 - pic 1
purikura oct 20 - pic 2


May. 13th, 2007 11:13 pm
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I just uploaded a bunch of pics onto Flickr.
Taken between Anzac Day and this Thursday.
There are quite a lot of pics but I havent shared them all - more can be seen here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/endorwitch/ (mostly more Hannah and Jake. hehe)

dial up peeps beware! T.T

a few highlights:
Another Swift close up 'Hello lady!' Jake comes and says hi Big laugh Hannah and Jake hang out 2 Happy face!

moderate sized pics under the cut )
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lols - my first post of the new year is full of cute!!!

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