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been asleep. most odd. i lay down on the bed after my last post because head was hurting AGAIN and download was gonna take awhile so i thought i would watch some tv. i WAS debating with myself about maybe watching some more SPN season 2 dvds but i fell asleep almost instantly...heh.

WOOT! and download finished while i slept. i am glad when the ETA time for the bit torrent download is WAY off..
of course i wanna watch it RIGHT NOW but if i wanna do another commentary as i watch...well i wanna wait till the world wakes up at least so i dont feel self conscious about being the only noise in the house...the sound of me typing is one thing.....the sound of me talking to myself? if household wakes up they will SO come and investigate. >.<
i wait an hour...maybe....

anyhoo found out last night my parent are changing their Foxtel package to one of the basic ones. NO MOVIES!! WAH!!! BUT!!!! its okaaaaay. we will still have Scifi....thats the main channel i would watch anyways...

ooh surprise surprise - headache still here. but i have easyway which i forgot to drink last night so all is sorta good. :D
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aaah. well mother didnt come home before i left so i had to get a cab. got to cinema with about 20 mins to spare so i bought ticket, went to the loo and then hunted for easyway! WOO!

haha - i didnt need the sing-a-long version really - have sung along every time i have seen it anyways...but yeah it was fun. i only heard one other person singing though. :D
and you know the bit in The New Girl in Town where the black girls go 'we'd like to say *bop bop* to the new girl in town'....well i yelled out 'fuck you' in that bit and everyone laughed.
woo go me!

anyways on the walk back to central i hit Breadtop and Easyway (AGAIN!)...i didnt buy a lot of stuff at breadtop but i feel really full after the stuff i did eat. i havent been eating much this weekend and everytime i do i feel mega full. >.<

anyways the other day when i bought my SPN dvds i also bought a couple of cheap dvds from JB - Rent and Slither. i had never seen Slither but Nathan Fillion is in it so i thought it might be worth it...mum and i just watched it and yah - it was kinda lame. heh.

OMGAWD. i have never watched that movie Hitch but the end of it is on my tv - Heavy D and the Boyz - Now That We've Found Love - I HAVE TO WATCH CLOWNANA AGAIN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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wow - i lay down for a nap after my last post and slept way longer than i planned.
and i have discovered why i am so hot - the whole house is stinking hot!!! i just took misty outside to do doggie business and its so lovely and cool and even sprinkling a bit...and our house is like a damn sauna!!
we dont have any fly screens yet so i dont wanna open lots of windows...adn i am sure i will get yelled at if i turn the AC on to cool the place down a bit... and argh....heat has given me a headache!!

am thinking about ordering a pizza......but i am not sure if i am hungry.
umm...actually that could be something else thats contributed to my headache...i havent eaten yet today...oops.

i started watching the [livejournal.com profile] library_mofo community last night and man its funny!

trying to decide what i should do this evening....more season 2 Supernatural dvd watching seems like a nice idea. :D

and thats an update on my life for the last 8 hours. i hope you were thrilled!

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