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still plowing on with Robin Hood.

OMGAWD after Walkabout and Treasure of the Nation FINALLY i actually LIKE Guy as a character!!!!!!!!!!
I mean its been a non stop perv and i was all 'aww poor gizzy' when he gets pummelled (which is a lot of the time) or when Marian is playing him...wench. but those two eps...yay he's done some good stuff and i am just yelling at the tv 'OMGAWD HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE ROBIN BITCH????'
the dudes not perfect but she could have helped him to be so....its my Draco/Ginny effect thing i am thinking of i guess.

i know its all gonna end in tears at the end of the season. and who knows when i will see season 3 to watch the fallout from what happens.

oh and i was cackling like a maniac in the episode where they got that new armour and Gizzy was in it fighting Robin - the way he lumbered around in teh armour was hysterical (dunno if it was Rich or a stunt man but it was comical as shit!)

I get a bit excited by commentary tracks with Richard. he always sounds more soft spoken than the rest of the peeps. i find it endearing....until i cant hear what he says! :D
This crush is a bad one folks.

My arm still hurts like a bitch btw. :(
endorwitch: dengeki daisy manic (tv - robinhood - gizzy got skillz)
Finished season 1 of Robin Hood...just checking to see if there is another ep Richard is doing the commentary! WHOOP! found one.
its the one with the flung around baby!

Debating whether to start in on season 2 or get some sleep.

Memorial service for that family friend today but Emma and Jason cant go and I have no other way to get there. People are gonna be annoyed with us. I dont know if bro n sis even care...I feel bad.

Puppy is still acting weird. But mostly she is sleeping which doesnt ease my mind because i worry something is blocking her air passage so i spend a lot of time checking she is still breathing.

Anyways. I will shut up for a while.
endorwitch: dengeki daisy manic (tv - robinhood - gizzy hai thar)
just started on Robin Hood second dvd of season1. the whole sword fighting while holding a baby looked most realistic. :p
that poor babies neck woulda snapped if it had been real! crazy bastards!

poor Richard in that ridiculous leather outfit. The top looks awful.

i bought pizza for dinner. ate too much. feeling gross.

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