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fucking hell.
misty is having issues and just did a magical puke which i had to help pull the gunk from her mouth...just fab.
but add to that she has had bladder control issues since she was hit by a car a few years back so while she is running about panicing avout being unable to breathe she is leaving lil droplet about the place. in some spots a LOT! so i had gone to the laundry to get the bucket and mop ready and i gad walked out waiting for the stupid tap water to heat up and i slipped on one of her lil puddles and banged my knee which feels ok now but i smashed my arm against the wall as i went down and it FUCKING KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you break a bone in your forearm can you still move your fingers????? i am tking finger movement as a good sign but maybe i am being stupid. jesus its hurting though. when i try and lift anything with that hand/arm it hurts more.
i had a big cry and misty is freaking out over that. haha
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so the other day mum sent a txt saying my grandmother in england was in hospital and may have had another stroke. supposedly is doing ok coz parents have headed off to turkey so it cant be that bad thankfully.

then we hear that an old family friend (lady lived across the streets from my aussie grandmother so they were good friends, and her daughters were my mums bridesmaids) had died.

then my dog started acting weird yesterday with this weird cough thing and acting all sooky (moreso than usual).
ended up takingherto the vet and apart from a swollen larynx or some such thing she SEEMS fine. but i have some antibiotics for her and they gave her two needles to try and help with what might hopefully just be an infection in her throat.

THEN this arvo we heard my aussie grandmother had gone on a train ride to pick up some xrays and she was on a train and everyone was asked to exit the train to change to a bus, which they did, but in the rush of people granny was knocked down and she smashed down on her face and has a busted eye socket!

can that please be the worst that happens for a while? my stupid hyper happiness from fandomy stuff can only block out so much bad news.

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