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i went to Galaxy bookshop today.
i havent been there since sometime in 2000/2001. they used to have more merchandisey stuff. i was sad at the lack.
i was hoping to find something supernaturaly......apart from dvds all i saw for SPN was some book that i really dont wanna read. unless its written by the shows writers i tend to think all novels written for shows are just officially sanctioned fanfic...god some of the craptastic xena books that were put out...the memories buuuuuuurn!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

but yeah - instead i bought Forest Mage by Robin Hobb and Traci Hardings latest which i have totally forgotten the name of. FAIL!

ooh short girlfriend of the tall boy on tv atm.
ouchies i have a whole in my head. hahaaaa
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lets see - what did i do today?

~ i had one of my magical 'oh god my STOMACH' moments mid afternoon at work and felt sick rest of the day! fabo
~ had a lil pissy moment between team leader and myself - was so pissed off sent pissy email to him about it. could get in trouble but he was being an arse first!
~ bought friends b-day pres and pres for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Supernatural seaon 1 dvd (i perv sometime on weekend i hope.)
~ was dragged out to chinese for dinner
~ spent the time since i got home trying to think of peoples names who MIGHT be on facebook...yeah thats fun. >.< i di find one of my old school mates though. tell me if you are on there kids! its much prettier than myspace-of-lame-and-eyesoreness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna watch some shiny Winchester-boys-go-wild but i gotta go to bed soon.
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i think because i would sleep most of the day away when i was off work my body is having trouble getting used to being awake and working. i come home from work and i just zonk out. T.T
maybe my lil cold is also contributing........argh i am yawning even though i have been asleep for hours... >.<

so anyways last night dad had to come to the city to pick up a workmate who is his lil home tech support person to do some stuff to his comp this weekend so i stayed in the city to meet up with them. i went to eb games and i bought FF12...i bought a preowned copy...it was only $10 cheaper than a new copy but i figured then i should try and save SOME money. but err - then i went to jb hifi and bought 3 dvds....oops!
Best one i got was Willow!!!! omgawd val kilmer you were beyond hot in that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the other 2 were Star Wars-a New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back - the versions with the original theatrical release! WOOT! i would have bought RotJ too but seriously - i swear it was not there!! what sort of crazy shit is that??? i wish to hear the groovy ewok music at the end!!!!! DENIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

did i mention in wednesday dad also came to the city and i waited for him then too??? *checks*
i did but didnt mention what i bought at kino. i bought 2 mags and the next vol i needed in the series of Ouran High Host Club and the final vol of Paradise Kiss.
WAH the end was not what i would hope it would be. Ai Yazawa better not screw around with Nana!!!! i dont want realistic dude - I WANT HAPPY ENDINGS WITH ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE PAIRED TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

going to eb games was terrible - theres all this stuff i want.
pc - Caesar 4, one of the Sims2 item expansions, Sims2 Life Stories (i dont know how it works but it costs a similar amount to the main game on its own so i assume its a seperate game to actual Sims 2), the second Guild Wars expansion (maaan i havent played in like FOREVER!! i love Guild Wars!)...there were some other things but now i forget what they were...but i kept going 'ooh! cool!' like a dork... >.<
and i want a Nintendo DS because i always wanted to play NintenDogs... :D
and i am sure there were a few PS2 games i wanted but i forget...and dude i want a Wii. i dont know anyone (well apart from people i know online) who has one...i wanna play!!!!!!!!!1

so yeah - eb is like 'ZOMGAWD - SHINIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' for lil rebecca.
she could easily buy half the store is she had the funds.

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