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wow another post on the following day from my last. shocking.

i dont know if its my 'not interested in stuff' mind set or that i kinda figured what happened would happen anyways but the SPN finale didnt kill me dead. i cried a few times DURING the ep but at the end i got a bit teary at jareds lil cry-face - the boy does it so well - but i wasnt wailing or sobbing or anything.

and did anyone else wan tto bearhug either the director or cinematographer person - WHOEVER the hell it was who had the bright idea of all those MEGA close up shots of jensens face - especially at the start of the ep. i mean damn that was fucking beautiful.
it was really noticeable because they werent doing the same for jared.

anyways i better lj cut for those who havent seen because i wanna talk about ACTUAL spoileriffic shit. if anyone whinges about the above - you are a moron and i am gonna ignore your ass!

some SPN end of season 3 spoilers but i am mostly rambling about stuff - not giving much away )
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my purikura pics are on the SPN offices post card wall! WOO!!!
i cant spot my actual postxard i sent yet though...WAIT I SPOTTED IT! COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


a guide is you care -
first photo - 3 rows down from the top, 4 pics in = postcard of Ella! :D

third photo - at the bottom there is a a mostly pink one with blobs of blue - i am the blobs of blue! LOLS that (and the one to the left of that i assume) are our purikura pics!!!

i cant wait to tell my friends - they were all 'well will we ever know if they get them?'
UM YES MY DEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333333333333

umm - i also smell nice. i want more Lush stuff. :D
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The faces of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles combined together -

Aww he's got daddys lips and a mole just like his mummy!!!
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omgawd! there will be a demonstration in syd in support of the writers strike - dude thats cool!
can i skive off work though??????????/

so [livejournal.com profile] shibbyfangirl mentioned there has been spn fandom wankage.
she linked me up and err......
first the thing about removing a fellow comm maintainer without there agreement - dudes if you dont like how the comm is going and the other person is batshit crazy - START ANOTHER COMM!!!
because der - of course you are about to bring the fandom wank to our corner of the web.

but then they reinstate the chick and she seems a wee bit odd......and reading some of the comments on her return post looks happy enough to continue the wank. >.<

i have read about a few other wanks (including a similar comm stealing incident) thats happened in the spn fandom. i dont know why i expected more from this fandom....its a FANDOM! i should know better.
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So i was wanting to send a postcard to the SPN cast and crew after seeing the postcard wall - so cool! :D
ANYWAYS then i decided i wanted to do something different so i talked my buddies into doing a round of SPN-inspired purikura which we would send!
When I first suggested it i had this plan to bring this silly fake guy i bought for halloween which is an old style pistol like a very swashbuckley pirate would have and we would say THAT was the Colt - but on the day i totally forgot it.
we hit up some $2 shops before hand but the only gun i found was a old style rifle...DAMNIT!!!

so anyways the first round we did some cool pics but for some reason the timer thing went super fast when we were trying to pick them so we only got ONE of the shots we really wanted. also that machine usually you can pay $5 and you get an extra large print but they had blocked off the coin thing for that so i couldnt do it - was so pissed off because TAHT was what i had originally planned to send to the crew.

ANYWAYS so in the end - the two main pics - it kinda works because one we are being all serious and the second we are being goof-tastic so it looks really funny. its hard to see but the lil pics on the side - one says 'SPN ROCKS' and the other says 'we <3 jensen'.

btw - the heart glasses = not decoration. with the crushing defeat of no toy guns in the $2 shop i chose to buy a different random prop. :D

so yeah - we were bummed and decided to do a second round which worked out a bit better.....except we forgot that machine at the end does these extra shots....and the stupid machine ended up using one of those shots as the lil ones on the side....so we look completelly daft - me and cheryl looked surprised, you can only see anitas arm and grace has already buggered off. everytime we looked at it afterwards we would cackle hysterically because its so LAME!

oh yeah and you csnt see it in the scan but in the second pic on the top row - it actually says 'the colt' at the very top in this shiny writing that does not scan well, and so the girl are all posing their hands so they are like guns....and that explains the rest of the text. :D

so yeah - i sending these to canada tomorrow sometime. :D
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Fresh Blood - OMGAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i cried!TWICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 oh boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

rest of commentary goes to the podcast baby!
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stupid computer.
was trying to edit thingy to send in for next [livejournal.com profile] fandom_rocks podcast and stupid proggie crashed again. i will have to wait till after i get back from work....

anyways - any SPN fans who read this - you should contribute to the podcast!!!

thoughts about events in any of the first few eps of Season 3 are welcome, or you could make a message for the start of the podcast (if you havent listened there are a bunch of people saying something like 'hey my name is dorkface and Fandom Rocks in my hometown"
(just change *dorkface/my home town* to *your name/city you live* of course!)

i am sure anything you want to talk about regarding supernatural as long as its not 'man that show sucks losers' would be welcome. :D in an earlier podcast one girl read out a short fic. it was cool!!1
and i contributed some very serious questions: 'dean - how come your car is always so shiny? and john - how did you afford the dental work on your boys teeth..i mean DAMN!!!'
important questions people! haha

anyways - current request is for your fave one liners from the most recent ep. i am having trouble deciding......

ANYHOO - i just had another idea.
me and ideas ae BAAAAAAAAAAAD!! because if its embarrassing for me i may actually carry it out!!!! filks...FILKS PEOPLE!! OMGAWD!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i felt enough shame at the x-mas ones for Pottercast.

anyways this post from when they were first asking for greetings messages gives you info on how to contribute.
i just record myself, convert the sound file to mp3 and then email it in.

come on fans. dont make brande, dana and me the only people talking on this thing!
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rebecca may (that would be me heh) did post some thoughts about The Kids Are All Right over on her weblog.
umm i was gonna link it then i remembered i DO NOT link to blog from here - i dont want people seeing this lj in the referal list on the sidebar.....

so i will x-post here under cut:

The Kids Are Alright comments - not TOO spoilery...but some people want to be ABSOLUTELY spoiler free and i respect that )

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