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stupid computer.
was trying to edit thingy to send in for next [livejournal.com profile] fandom_rocks podcast and stupid proggie crashed again. i will have to wait till after i get back from work....

anyways - any SPN fans who read this - you should contribute to the podcast!!!

thoughts about events in any of the first few eps of Season 3 are welcome, or you could make a message for the start of the podcast (if you havent listened there are a bunch of people saying something like 'hey my name is dorkface and Fandom Rocks in my hometown"
(just change *dorkface/my home town* to *your name/city you live* of course!)

i am sure anything you want to talk about regarding supernatural as long as its not 'man that show sucks losers' would be welcome. :D in an earlier podcast one girl read out a short fic. it was cool!!1
and i contributed some very serious questions: 'dean - how come your car is always so shiny? and john - how did you afford the dental work on your boys teeth..i mean DAMN!!!'
important questions people! haha

anyways - current request is for your fave one liners from the most recent ep. i am having trouble deciding......

ANYHOO - i just had another idea.
me and ideas ae BAAAAAAAAAAAD!! because if its embarrassing for me i may actually carry it out!!!! filks...FILKS PEOPLE!! OMGAWD!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i felt enough shame at the x-mas ones for Pottercast.

anyways this post from when they were first asking for greetings messages gives you info on how to contribute.
i just record myself, convert the sound file to mp3 and then email it in.

come on fans. dont make brande, dana and me the only people talking on this thing!
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rebecca may (that would be me heh) did post some thoughts about The Kids Are All Right over on her weblog.
umm i was gonna link it then i remembered i DO NOT link to blog from here - i dont want people seeing this lj in the referal list on the sidebar.....

so i will x-post here under cut:

The Kids Are Alright comments - not TOO spoilery...but some people want to be ABSOLUTELY spoiler free and i respect that )
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OMGAWD WHAT A COOL EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its full of win and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aussies. if you choose to watch Supernatural next monday and arent too impressed...wait for the next ep. its so good it HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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a decent ad on channel 10 for Supernatural with snippets from the actual episode!

i squee-ed!!!!!!!!!!

haha - what a thing to come home to!
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seriously - if i dont go to bed shortly after NCIS finishes someone hit me!!!!11
i am SO bloody ired all the time at the moment!!!!!!!!!1
usually its because i end up staying up even later than usual because i am feeling sick... >.<

and can i say channel 10 is fucked. they have been advertising the new season of House for WEEKS before it started, but SPN? barely gets mentioned.
do they WANT people not to watch????
i have found aussie fans who dont even know its starting back up next week. stupid tv people!!!!!!!!
i think i am gonna bug SPN Underground and maybe the SPN Newsletter and tell em to mention it a few times for the aussie fans who are in the dark...
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umm - we need an aussie SPN community thats into promoting the show.
i wanna do something before next monday to try and get more people watching....

i loved those people who scrawled all over the sidewalks with chalk but if i did that in sydney i would be scared i would be arrested or something!!!!

homemade flyers???? where should i hand them out though???
there is only me.....my friends would be too wussy to join me....gah.
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first dvd watched.
omgawd its so dean-tastic isnt it?

i am not a huge sammy fan in general. he's okay, but liking one or the other - dean wins it EVERY time with me......but the one thing that i think is really unfair for sammy is the fact he never got to resolve stuff with his dad - i mean things sort of got okay for a bit in season one near the end but then the fighting started again, you know?
even when the boys saw him in All Hell Breaks Loose pt 2 - it just seemed like it was all about John and Dean. i was all 'WHAT ABOUT SAAAAAAAM????'
now after watching In My Time of Dying again it makes me even more upset for sammy. T.T


ooh - deleted scenes!! exciting!

anyhoo - i wish i could stay up and watch another dvd but i unfortunately have work in the morning.................
did i mention i was at work till 5:45pm?
thankfully the guy didnt take an hour - but only because i pushed the huge-ass overloaded second trolley downstairs for him. he goes 'are you sure you can push it?' dude -its on wheels - i reckon i could push more than my own weight if whatever it is is on wheels...i am not some piss-ant wussy girl.
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HUGE fangirl dilemma!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

do i listen/watch my Scarecrow cd/dvds which were sitting on the front door mat when i got home just then OR to i start watching my season 2 Supernatural dvds which i bought this evening at JB????????????????


btw - i am hom. i shall blather about stuff later...maybe. i need a shower and then make a commitment to fangirling pursuits....if its SPN you probably WONT hear from me because i will probably go to sleep after dvd watching...i am sooo tired atm.
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Supernatural in the Park (spn clips tput to the Southpark MegaMix). i am dead from the funny.

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Season 1 of Supernatural is now fully seen by the Rebecca!

First i want to say - I FRICKING KNEW IT!!!!!!!! On Monday or Tuesday I was rambling to my friend Maria at work (I assume she was zoning out as usual when I go on and on about any obsession I have - lols) and I was saying how Sammy is always going on about how Dean just blindly follows their dads orders. And I said to her that I bet something happened when they were still small where Dean didnt obey an order from their dad and Sammy got hurt or something and that incident has left its mark on our lil Dean. AND HELLO! WAS I RIGHT OR WHAT?????????????? The episode Something Wicked - there is that moment!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO for being right......but damn if this show isnt predictable as shit!

Now next comment. Nothing I have seen in the show has scared me even one little bit. Maybe for some people who are easily scared it is scary - I dont know. Maybe its the fact that I can remember watching horror movies when I was about 7....so it takes a LOT to creep me out even a little.

But Supernatural has finally made me jump in surprise!!!!!

It wasnt even scary and i KNEW it was going to happen!
The end of Devils Trap - where the huge truck slams into the Impala - WOO did i jump.
I think the fact that you only saw it the second it hit....I mean for fans who werent expecting it it must have been a WOAAAH moment - but i KNEW it was gonna happen. so yay who ever was in charge of direction and editing and all that - you got rebecca good!

And what it up with the Australian release having no extras even though they are MENTIONED on the fricking label side of the last dvd?????
I think I am going to have to order the dvds of Season one and two from the US so i can have the extras. >.
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its squee-riffic times watching Supernatural - a few eps back we had Amy Acker, just had an ep with Julie Benz, i saw Amber Benson is in a season 2 ep. what other buffyverse kids are gonna show up eh??


err the chick Dean is getting it on with in the ep Route 666 - is it just me or do they have ZERO chemistry???!??!?!!!!1 and this ISNT because Jensen totally floats my boat - the shagging scene just looked odd.
but yeah - i admit i was yelling 'BITCH - GET AWAY FROM MY MAN!!!!' lols.

i have been getting annoyed because Sammy is always having 'moments' with chicks even though he is grieving for his girlfriend. I CHANGE MY MIND!! Sammy - have all the 'moments' you want.
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you know the show Supernatural?

I tell you whats fricking supernatural - how bloody clean that car stays all the time!!!!!!!!!!1

I think Dean made some deal with some demonic creature so his car would stay all shiny and shit (except of course when those silly boys go crash it into stuff).

and i am sure this isnt a new thought to the long term Supernatural fans but as usual - i get into these things late. but at least before cancellation or the end. :D
i need some Supernatual icons...

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