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omgawd i just did an lj catch up. its been forever. i only went back as far as august 15 i think it was.

anyways. Hmm. whats been happening?

too much Lost in Austen = Elliot Cowan obsession.
see the following: )

Watching North and South the other day = on the way to Richard Armitage obsession.
see here )

i have to say fanvids are THE DEVIL!
I have downloaded and become obsessed with a bunch of songs because of fanvids - in the last cut above, the first vid - I LOVE THAT SONG! WHEN DOES REBECCA LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC???????????? CRAZINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and i dunno about the rest of the world but my Lost In Austen dvds doesnt ACTUALLY have the bit where Amanda sings!
HOW RUDE! so here you go in case you too were deprived also!

i havent watched any of True Blood yet but my sister has gotten into it and has promised to lend me season1 dvds when she buys them. i read the first book they are based on and finished chapter 4 of the second one before my computer died the other night. not overwhelmingly thrilled by them so far.
human/vampire sex could be seriously hot, though sister said no. i was sad!
but the dude playing Bill? photos hes just not doing it for me people. i admit some people you gotta see them in action because still pics make it all blah and wrong. lets hope its the case with him.
though if anybody wants to go back and reshoot season one and two with yummy Richard Armitage as Bill i would not be sad about this!

in other things i like:

WOO! LOVE THE GUILD! last time i checked the mp3 isnt available on the aussie iTunes store - this makes me sad!

and just randomly - i was hearing/seeing people mention James Camerons new upcoming film Avatar and i was all 'i didnt know he was involved with that Airbender film....' LOL! i have since learned its something completely different.

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