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its so hard for me to say no at work.
i spent almost 8 years there and there is stuff that isnt getting done right and i know it but i dont wanna be taking over all these little jobs again if i am not gonna stick around so i gotta say NO but dude its sooo hard!
especially when i know shit is being cocked up. pls kill me.

but DM agreed with me that i should stick to what me and maria agreed on when i came back and just give a bit of help here and there.
but i have still managed to basically become miss bossy boots in check in again. lols
i think its a combo of timidness on the part of lil bob, and just not enough thinking ahead by the rest of the check in folks at times to figure out what needs to be done ...eg last week i insisted the guys get seriously ahead because of the easter holiday. the goal was to get all of friday and mondays work completed by thursday. they came damn close too. but thats coz i started them closing clients really early all week....and i think the friday before too.....cant remember was long time ago - ha. and also i insisted twitchy couldnt go and help in processing on thurs like normal.
but yeah - i dunno if they would have done that off their own bat if i hadnt been there, or maybe they would have pushed a little on the last day but still had mega catch up when we got back on tuesday which would have sucked!!

anyways......i dont gotta go in on fridays anymore coz i finished the project maria asked me to do before sheleft.
had to talk to DM coz she was getting all gung ho about giving more of the similar crap but i had only agreed to come in on fridays and do the backlog they had and that was IT!
i do feel like a jerk for saying no to DM but they really have to learn to get a long without me as back up girl all the time (and she agreed when we talked about it so its cool).

*sigh* i gotta stop wasting my paychecks on crap so i can leave ASAP.

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