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people not into Supernatural or Jensen Ackles may not have seen this - but sorry to those of you who have.....watch the funnies!!!!!!!!

jensen. i love you with the facial hair, the eyeliner, the tats, the piercings, the blue hair, the kilt. omgawd.
could the boy be ANYMORE DELICIOUS???????????????????????????// i think not.
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i saw an ad on tv tonight for that show Moonlight. its gonna be on channel 9.....i am worried. channel 9 is the home of totally shit tv except for original CSI which i havent watched for like 2 years....so is Moonlight any good?

and WHAT crack is channel seven on? they said next week is the season finale of Heroes? DO THEY THINK WE ARE MORONS????????????? fucking hell. if you are gonna do your 'fasttrack' shit at least tell the truth about why you are taking it off air even though i bet the US is gonna get at least a few more eps - its the end of the aussie ratings season before x-mas. WANKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyone else seen any ads for cool new shows currenlt on in the US that i should check out over summer?

oh and i liked him in Alias as well - i am in total lust over the guy who plays Adam/Takezo Kensei on Heroes. David Anders rocks my socks!
have you guys seen the clips posted by Adrian Pasdar on youtube? omgawd i love the David ones! they are so made of crack!

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dude i want a cockatoo that does this!!!!!!!

all the local ones just sit around in the highest trees sunning themselves all the fricking time. lazy buggers!
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Jensen Ackles. GOD DAMN YOU!
i could have gotten through life never knowing about that stupid Candy Mountain youtube clip! i am never paying attention to anything you say again!

i cant stop going on about Candy Mountain and saying Charlie in that annoying voice.... DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

if you watch the video under here and are traumatised - dont blame me - BLAME JENSEN!! )
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i have something special for you all.
these are my brothers friends:

What lame videos..hahah - this was quite a few years ago now....
They actually started off as only two of the guys (the one in the sunnies in the Who Farted vid and the one doing the deep voice singing in the chorus) and their first song was ABOUT my brother and what a man-whore he used to be!

lol - i wonder what Fin thinks of that second vid. OMGAWD!
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youtube makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

In My Dreams by The Party. WOO! takes me back i can tell ya! :D
i remember thinking DeeDee looked so cool! :D

cool! sme person has put up lots of other vids by them. in oz i managed to tape In My Dreams off tv once so i could watch it all the time, but the only other vid i ever saw was Thays Why once on Video Hits. australia was SO denied....though i managed to buy an album on cassette and some singles....rather odd.
lols the fashions in some of these clips...and there is this live clip - so mimed man. Albert totally fucked up. LOLS!

and damon. someone shut him up. he always sounded like a tool. and what was tiffani there for? she was hopeless...okay so i only saw stuff from around the time of their first album. the useless 2 could have improved...i d not know.

OH AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

GUYS NEXT DOOR! i loved this show sooo much, i used to taoe it. i have little bits still on video tapes somewhere. my fave ep was when Eddie lost his rhythm! and the Gals Next Door skit...i sooo loved that! at the time i thought it was the funniest thing i had EVER seen. so much so i write out the entire dialogue. LOLS!
my two faves were Eddie and Damon. :D
ha - one of my fave songs from the show - so catchy!

hee - its obviously nano time - i am finding things to do OTHER than it! thanks november for being so inspiring!

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