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yesterday before i went to bed i decided to open WOW even though i hadnt played it for over a year and add a gamecard i got earlier this year.
well the dramas taht followed were fun coz now you have to login through battlenet and trying to get it to let me login to merge accounts and stuff before i could add the time card was ANNOYING!
also because ihavent played in over 12 months there have been a LOT of patches and stuff....like 4.76gig worth! O.o
lets just say thats taking a while to download.......
maybe i should have just waited for the next expansion and just installed updates from taht. >.<
too late now....been downloading for quite a few hours...may as well contine. i wish it would let me throtle the upload speed a little though - at times i am sennding way more than i am receiving! >.<

ANYWAYS. i really wanna use the Haute cash voucher i got from my last torridpurchase but if i do i have less than $80 (after train tickets) to last me till the 15th.
i might get lucky and my tax return could show up but odds are it wont so i am not counting on it. i guess i will wait till tuesday next week before i decide if i will use the voucher (i need to spend at least $100 to use the voucher so technically i will be spending $50 plus shipping which can be up to $50 depending on what i buy).
if i dont think i can stretch the pennies then no new clothes for me this month. :(
but yeah - till next week its bring lunch from home - BOO HISS!!!!!!!! i like buying my lunch on workdays!

in the wow my trials of life are trivial in comparison to some - my train home today was delayed because some person had thrown themselves in front of a train just outside blacktown. whenour train went past - well if there was a body it was covered thank god. i am not one of those people who likes to gawk at accidents...i will make a point of not looking!
i know people who are suicidal are not thinking straight but damn...of all the ways to chose to go...what if you survive for a lil while after the fall/train hitting you? what about the traumatised train driver? these things would run through my head long before i could ever DO something like that. T.T

anyways my life is boring. all i have to get excited about atm is japan holiday.

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