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my high school year book quote and the biggest lie of all time - "I'm not obsessed!"

LJ is where I vent/rant/obsess about whatever is passing through my brain while i am online. i leave sensible posts for my real weblog - which i do not link to directly on here (mainly because i dont want my workmates i dont like so much stalking me here...heh!)

hmm, i have very little to say about myself - in here anyways. read the journal - its sure to have copius amounts of my rantings for your edification. ^-^

I have glomped K, Gackt and Irvine Kinneas! WOO!


Hey kids, just wanted to say - if i friend you i dont expect to be friended back. Would be nice but it wont cause offense if it doesnt happen. And I hope others dont get upset if i dont friend them back. Most of my journal is available to everyone with only occassional private aint missing much. ^-^

Oh - and the memories section - 90% of that is Harry Potter smut. Slash smut at that. i like to read it but some may not approve. dont click on the links and you will be fine. :p


back in 2001 a whole bunch of my online friends used Open Diary. i did too. anyways - i decided to copy the old posts over from there to here so I wouldnt lose them. not that i said anything profound but its nice to have your online journal stuff together (wait -i also have a weblog so thats a load of crap...hmm). well anyways - i added all the posts - and they are marked with Open Diary - in the subject when you go through the old posts...if you ever do.
Anyways - my first original lj post was august 14 2001.


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2ne1, 80s movies, 80s music, aida, alphonse mucha, anne mccaffrey, art deco, art nouveau, ball-jointed dolls, big bang, bishounen, blaise/millicent, bonnie pink, bookstores, brocoli, bsg, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s. friedman, canada, charles rennie mackintosh, check please, cold weather, da family, daisuke asakura, disney, dr horrible, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, dylan o'brien, easyway, eric serra, evak, fantasy, final fantasy games, fitz, france, french and saunders, gai lan, ginny weasley, gravitation, green apple green tea, haibane renmei, harry potter fanfiction, harry/snape, ice hockey, iceman, j w waterhouse, jack/riddick, jane eyre, japan, japanese pop culture, japanese street fashion, jasper/alice, kanon, karaoke, karl urban, kenichi ito, kotani kinya, kyoko & ren, labyrinth, leon the professional, lisa germano, lost in austen, luc besson, lucius/narcissa, lucy lawless, lush, michael fassbender, michael whelan, milla jovovich, muse, mythology, nana, neville/pansy, nobu/hachi, north & south, notre dame de paris, nursey/dex, olivia, paris, parks and recreation, pegasus, perhaps love, pitch black, pop culture, pretty in pink, purikura, quistis/seifer, rain, ramen, reading, renée o'connor, rhiana griffith, richard armitage, robin hobb, ron/hermione, sausage and egg mcmuffins, sci-fi, silver, sims, skam, skip beat, slash, slytherin, soundtracks, steampunk, sterek, storm constantine, storms, tahmoh penikett, takeshi kaneshiro, the dark tower, the fool, the goonies, the pirate movie, this alien shore, tyler hoechlin, uk, vampires, victorian era, voice of the beehive, washington capitals, wicked, xena, yelle, yum cha, zhou xun, zimbits
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