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Actually deleted the Livejournal today.

Russia you may have given me some great hockey players to cheer on but i dont like how you are fucking over a site i used to love. kthxbai

anyways honestly i wont be active on here...i just didnt wanna lose years of posts......though i had heaps of messges about posts that couldnt be imported so i wonder how much didnt come over.......
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Hey kids

I just imported my posts from Livejournal.

I dont know how much I will use this but maybe i will find some of my tumblr fandom peeps over here.

Currently obsessed with Sterek, Check Please, Ice Hockey and Skam (season 3 coz obvs reasons).
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hey yo...still here. kinda obsessed with Sherlock. not over my Fassbender obsession yet though.

tumblr stole my soul - kinda like lj did about 9-10 years back...lol. :D

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hi lj.

i'm still alive....just tumblring.

i usually only drop by here to read fics and somtimes nab a jpop or kpop download.

i hope everyone is good.
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so dramas. whats up with that?
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hello lj-land.
yes i am still around. not even reading friends page much of late but i am still here.

umm have i shared on here i have moved? i am living in 'elizabeth bay' - or so the real estate agent claims.
to be honest...if you are trying to be classy - its potts point, if you dont care about such things - its kings cross.
i just feel like a wanker if i say 'i live in elizabeth bay'. :D

anyways so its just over a month. uts been ok. a LOT closer to work and the city of course so thats good.
getting the phone and net connected took a few weeks. but now i am content. i dont have to leave the apartment on wekends now. lol.

slightly obsessed with Skip Beat. rather like Kimi ni Todoke.
and slooooooowly reading the very long Glass Mask. will i ever get to recent chapters??????????

skip beat is fun and one of my best friends is obsessed too so we sit around and discuss story points and different interpretations on things. :D

but i dont really have a proper obsession right now - probably why i AM neglecting lj so much.

hmm - i have some yoghurt i wanna eat but i need to do some washing up. I AM LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i really should finish getting everything tidied away and take a few pics of my teeny apartment.

yeah...that laziness thing is a serious problem.
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i had to extend my paid account today and thought wow - i should actually post something!

how is everyone in lj land. i heard lj was having some DOS dramas recently. poor form troll-geeks. i mean mess with the rest of the web but leave the fangirl corner alone!

umm my dad had a brain aneurysm recently and got us not one but two kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first one is a boy and he is (WAS) super sweet and just loved every one on sight.
a few days later the next door neighbour gave us another one - girl this time - who had been feral. shes still tiny but she is skittish and when she is feeling cheerful her fave thing to do is attack anything moving - including the poor boy. he has learn to defend himself.
half teh time they are playing but sometimes it gets a bit serious......but they DO like each other - i totally have to post some pics..a few days ago mum got out the portable cot coz my nephew was coming up for the day. kitties had taken to clawing/crawling up the site (its all mesh fabric on the sides). today i wandered past and they were both curled up together IN the cot.

argh some peeps have changed their username while i have been absent and i havent yet figured out who they are by their posts.

hmm i dont know what else to write about atm. i do have somenews but i am not sharng anywhere yet. teehee. its nothing serious...
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its pretty obvious i havent been on lj much...i just tried tod o a quick update but my friends pages seemed to be swamped with posts from this comm i joined which is like ONTD but for japanese news so i probably missed heaps of stuff. if thers anything important you want me to see please let me know...i do read all comments i get because they are emailed to me. i still check my email. :D

anyways - why am i still up? its almost 3:30am. my alarm goes off in 2 hours. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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hey yo lj-land.
nothing new happening in my life. just reading books, going to work.....boring stuff.

if people watch the news i would assume most of you might have heard something in passing about the floods up in queensland. it seems like its all thats on the normal tv stations atm. its pretty depressing. and australian media - i just want to punch them all in the face. they are such dicks. they ask moronic questions, they are all 'ooh i must get up there and have a chance to report on this..let me revel in the tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' fuck you dick brains!
if they sounded like the actually CARED then maybe it would piss me off os much, but they dont.

i havent seen much in the way of print media but yesterday at work i was looking at the headlines on Google News at work and saw this:

Aussie heroes arise in sea of tragedy
The Daily Telegraph - Jenny Dillon
HEROES aren't meant to come from the suburbs. They're meant to come from sports grounds or movie sets. However Brisbane's suburbs and the tiny towns which lie around its fringes are now the landscape for true national valiance and fearlessness.</ blockquote>
what monkey crack was this chick on???? just coz the term has been appropriated by morons everywhere to apply to sports stars and film characters it doesnt mean they ARE heroes. heroes ARE normal people doing amazing things you stupid idiot!

and really - why dont they put down the cameras and mics for a few hours and pitch in and help in places. no one needs to hear the same info repeated ad nauseum all day long. sure let us know when something major happens but the peeps in qld ARENT watching your shows because plenty of them dont even have power so you arent giving them warnings and updates you morons.

anyways - qld (and specifically peeps i know in brissy) if you DO have access to the net and see this i hope you and your families are all ok.
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umm happy new year everyone. i am still around. just lazy. veeeeeery lazy.
maybe my new years resolution should be something about being more active online.....but then i never make resolutions. :D
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where on earth can i find the evil repetative song that played during the xmas parade at Tokyo Disneyland????????????????
i have snippets of it on video...i am sure i saw a cd on sale in the shops....damn i shoulda bought it!!!!!!!!1

in other japan-related shenanigans...i loved these two commercials
~ give the aliens sushi!!!
~ dudes and their cars..you just know the chick is thinking 'what the?'

i spent thursday evening prepping pics for upload....i havent even got to the end of our time in tokyo...i got exhausted and gave up for a few days.
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i just rememebered something else i bought - disneyland - bambi ears headband and some other kinda princessy one for hannah (supposedly she is into bambi in a big way).
was sad - i saw all these lil girls wearing princess dresses - like cinderellas dress and at least one girl in belles yellow dress......but couldnt find them in the shops! i SO wanted to get one for hannah!!!!!!! so sad!
today i also bought her this silver handbag with princess writetn on it in some cheap shop. :D

hmm apart froms ome bell charm things from teh shrine at my fuji i havent bought much for other folks. oops.
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umm hallo world.
i finally have got off my arse and gotten online injapane. since sunday nite there has beena computer in this hotel that i can come down and use but i have been too tired and sore to get off my arse and do so.


saturday - flew to osaka. found out5 my fone didnt work so hired one for 2 weeks.
once grace and i got to our hotel we then went wandering for fooda and also the JR office to exchamge our rail passes. it seems my white face is much more agreeable to graces filo face - they all think she is japanese and get annoyed when she doesnt understand but they are all friendly when i ask them shit. :D
got nice and mixed up looking for JR office so it took a while for us to get back to hotel that nite.

anyways sunday - got shinkansen to tokyo. after check in we went wandering - saw some temple or shrine near or hotel - walked up to tokyo tower but didnt go in coz queue was massive. caught a train to roppongo and wandered around a bit. saw a pet store that had tiny monkeys!!!!!!!! MONKEYS!!! WHAT!!! australia - i want monkeys!
we were looking for fooda and grace wanted takoyaki so we asked some guy who tried to get us in his place and he pointed out where we could get some but it was full plus you couldonly stand inside to eat and grace was already aware of my sore sore feets. so we wandered around and ende up walking pastthe guy who showed us the way and got guilted into going in his place...i thinkit was an izakaya. grace didnt like it but i thought it was good. grace is sure they added an extra item to our bill though so she is still pissed.
anyhoo next day we went to the ghibli museum. after we finished there we went to ikebukuro (i was planning to see kitties no matter what!) grace wanted to shop. i forget what timne it was but we hadnt had lunch yet so as we wandered along grace was wanting takoyaki again and this girl in a maid outfit accosted us and we were going 'no no' till i had a thought 'ets ask if they have the stuff you want grace'. THEY DID! so we said ok and went in.
i was having a stupid moment though and hadnt clued in she was from a maid cafe so as we waited for the lift i asked her if i could take a pic and she said no sorry so i knew straight away then it was a maid cafe we were going in and told grace. what a fluke...we werent even trying to find one! :D
anyways it was cute and grace got her takoyaki. there wereonly 2 other customers...one a kind of young guy and the other an older kinda creepy one.
we ended up getting a picture with the maid who served us. earlier on this other m,aid had come over and very forcefully told us her namme a number of times - wasnt till they asked us which maid we wanted a pic with taht we understood...of course we wanted the girl who served us...she was super sweet and tried very hard to communicate in english. she seemed super surprised and pleased we wanted her in our photo.
ANYWAYS after that we shopped while i kept trying to herd grace to the kitties.
she went in this shoe shop and i was the one who ended up buying a paid (she bought some in another shop a while later though).
oh we also went to teh Sunshine City Planetarium thing -0 nearly put us both to sleep......and from the looks of things its a top date venue! :D
anyways i finally got to nekobokuro - grace abondoned me to shop.
i have to say much like the vid i saw online - most fo the kitties look none too happy to be there. one of them was skittish at anything that moved let alone someone trying to pat it!
i only stayed about half an hour.
umm i think i had kfc for dinener that nite. :D

next day was our trip to mt fuji. omgawd we spent more time on the bus than sight seeing!!!!
and then when we got to mt fuji we had half a fricking hour to jump out - visit the shrine and but any souvenirs we wanted take pics etcetc....the peak had clouded over so no good pics of it but at least they had cleared the road up to the fifth station - when we first headed out the guide said they hadnt cleared it yet. then after fuji we went to hakone for another whistle stop and up some ropeway thing...which also clouded over before we reache dthe top - no good pics there either!!!! >.<
i have a great one of grace striding up some stairs into the mist! :D
when we got back to tokyo instead of heading to our stop we decided to get out at harajuku....we wandered and ended up in Laforet and i totally geeked outa t the bottom floors shops. i went in all fo them at least 3 times.
I found the shoes i wanted to buy in Alice and the Pirates but the biggest ones they had in stock...the straps wouldnt not go over my evil high arches!! DAGNABIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the one thing i wanted to waste money on in japan and i couldnt get it......
but dont worry - i have made up for it elsewhere!
we wandered some more after checking out the whole store and without even trying we found Takeshita-dori. it was right on closing time but we had a quick look in some of the shops. more geeking out. i forget what i had for dinner...

yesterday we went to DISNEYLAND!!
as soon as we got in we were all MICKEY MOUSE PANCAKES!!!!! which we got! WOO!
Grace refused to do long queues for rides but we did go on SPace Mountain (we got the fast pass for that and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!)
before that i had dragged grace to the Mosters Inc one and when grace saw the quie she refused to do it so i went in the shop and i swaer to god i nearly bought a Monsters Inc helmut the second i walked in the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGAWD!! i managed to resist only coz i didnt want to cart ity home. i also nearly bought a sully hat, a mike hat and a mike bag. again i resisted all.....SOMEHOW. i did but a mike mug, some stickers, some plush keyring things...and something else...damn i havent even looked at what i got sinc3e i bought it.
during theday i also bought a furryhat with kitty ears and a tail (which was kinda handy later coz both of us were dumb and had forgoten to take our warmer jackets so got a wee bit cold), my bag broke durringthe day so i had to buy another small bag to carrysrtuff - i think its from the lilo and stitch themed stuff???
OH in westernland we got our pics taken in western clothes - fatty me couldnt wear any of the dresses so i wore a mens jacket but a girly hat..though you cant really tell in the shot. we are both holding guns...its sooo funny!
anyhoo we DID do 2 kinda short waits for dullish rides - teh Canoe thing...we didnt understand a word! and Pirates of the Caribbean. we watched all the parades. we missed half the fireworks coz we were stuffing ourselves with mickey shaped waffles at teh end of the night.
anyways after the parades and fireworks were over we still had an hour till close so grace wanted toshop AGAIN (;ike for teh millionth time just in disneyland) so i was like - imma find a ride! so i went off and did the monsters inc one before meeting up with her again! WOO!
umm what else???? i cant recall.

anyways today grace wanted more shopping. we both slept in (hurrah - first time this week) but still headed out fairly early. we went back to harajuku and arrived just as the shops were opening. again i bought more than grace initially. i bought this lil bag that had cute writing on it. then we saw the bodyline shop and grace has been looking for some kinda outfit for some party she is going to so she was all 'GOING IN!" and it was ME who ended up buying a hat in there while she got nothing!
i got soem legwarmers somewhere else. we found and adidas shop coz she wanted a bag.....she took ages to choose. i still neeed a proper bag to replace my broken one.....i was loking athe the bags but didnt like any...till i saw this silver one and BAM - i had chosen and bought it....grace took another 15 mins after me. :D
we wandered around some more. we had brunch in some lil place that had tempura stuff. was yummy.
we headed to shibuya. saw hachiko statue. ummm god it was today - what did we do....i know i dragged grace to places withshops but she was whining that it was more expensive than theplaces we looked at in harajuku. we had ..not really lunch - grace just wanted something sweet after the tempura stuff. i had an apple pie thing but there was ice cream with it and my belly had been a bit dicey this morn so creamw as a bad mix and i got a really upset tummy.
oh yeah - we found mandarake but i was feeling too crook to have abrowse....i think tahts went we went to the Parco shops and there was were we had the sweets. ANYHOO after taht i was trying to find 'love hotel hill' but who knows if i did - i think we saw some but i am not sure... :D
then i dragged grace to tower records wherei finally got Olivias and Bonnie Pinks newest cds - HURRAH!!! and then i was all - grace head back to harajuku if you want - my stomach is killing me (my feets too) i am going back to the hotel. it was only like 4:30 when i got back. had a nap and she showed up around 7:30pm.
tomorrow we are gonna try and do more shrines and stuff. we leave tokyo for kyoto on saturday.

my feet are trorturingme soooo bad though. aftera few hours all iw anna do is sit down but here are things to do..shops for grace to roam around in endlessly.
if it wasnt for my dumb feet i could run around this town like a mad thing!

i love my rail pass! i love the yamanote line! RAIL PASS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

umm....right now i cant recall if i have forgotten anything. probably have. i have bought a lot more silly stuff than i planned. :D
i still have another week to go man!
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i must sleep!!! gotta get up in like 3 and a half hours to giveusenough time to drive to airport. DOOM!!!!!!!!!1

anyways .... if i get near a comp while i am gone i will bug yas for sure..probably geek out over stupid things. :D

gah - i have like 3 or 4 lil japanese phrasebooks in this bedroom and i cant find even one. ANNOYED!!!!!!!!!!
oh well...must give up and get a few hours rest.
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eeeek....flying tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

and inconveniently i only just realised my mobile phone charger has a three prong thingy but the adaptor i bought - the bit where you plug in aussie devices only has holes for two prongs. at least it will work for my battery recharger but now i gotta find another one for the mob at the airport or possibly even in japan when i get there so i can charge my phone. ARGH!!!!!!!! i am annoyed.

procrastinating on the packing - i wish i had a slightly smaller suitcase but supposedly mine is the smallest in the house... o.O
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saturday i am flying to japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still debating on buying a new suitcase or not. cheap bitch probably wontthough.
and i did book day trip to mt fuji - let someone else make all the effort! :D

but yeah apart from actually packing i think i have everything i need. i tend to leave packing to the last minute. i am clever like that!
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i was gonna mock SMH for being slow in noticing such phenomenon but umm MY FRIEND WROTE THE ARTICLE!! GO SUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Nov. 3rd, 2010 03:26 am
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tokyo-ites or peeps who have been there as tourists.

should me and my friend book a tour to go see mt fuji or is it easy to visit without a tour? i cant decide what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and can someone explain why i am awake at 3:30am asking this????????/ ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i am sad. halloween and i did nothing.
not that i had money to DO anything..but still - sadness.

i love halloween. even since i saw ET when i was a wee thing and the kiddies and ET dressed up (followed by a hundred other US tv shows or movies that featured it in my childhood) i have always loved Halloween. i wish it was bigger here in oz!

lol - i was just thinking 'do i think that guy who plays Sherlock is good looking or not?' and 10 seconds later i see a post with a bunch of pics of him. thanks lj - i really need to sort this out in my brain! :D

a while ago i downloaded this torrent file with a bunch of ebooks in it and i have been trying to read them all.....pretty much all of them are romances...but whoever made the torrent was on crack because so far i'd say 60% of the stories are not within the romance genre the torrent was named as. so i am reading a bunch of stuff i didnt plan on but i suppose thats cool. lots of urban fantasy stuff...like there is a serious number of were-stories. i am leaving them till last coz i am just not that interested but some might turn out to be cool.

but yeah - other than that my brain has been in zombie mode. i am sooo poor right now. 15 days till pay day. am so screwed.
pls tax money show up sooner than i expect it!!! T.T
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yesterday before i went to bed i decided to open WOW even though i hadnt played it for over a year and add a gamecard i got earlier this year.
well the dramas taht followed were fun coz now you have to login through battlenet and trying to get it to let me login to merge accounts and stuff before i could add the time card was ANNOYING!
also because ihavent played in over 12 months there have been a LOT of patches and stuff....like 4.76gig worth! O.o
lets just say thats taking a while to download.......
maybe i should have just waited for the next expansion and just installed updates from taht. >.<
too late now....been downloading for quite a few hours...may as well contine. i wish it would let me throtle the upload speed a little though - at times i am sennding way more than i am receiving! >.<

ANYWAYS. i really wanna use the Haute cash voucher i got from my last torridpurchase but if i do i have less than $80 (after train tickets) to last me till the 15th.
i might get lucky and my tax return could show up but odds are it wont so i am not counting on it. i guess i will wait till tuesday next week before i decide if i will use the voucher (i need to spend at least $100 to use the voucher so technically i will be spending $50 plus shipping which can be up to $50 depending on what i buy).
if i dont think i can stretch the pennies then no new clothes for me this month. :(
but yeah - till next week its bring lunch from home - BOO HISS!!!!!!!! i like buying my lunch on workdays!

in the wow my trials of life are trivial in comparison to some - my train home today was delayed because some person had thrown themselves in front of a train just outside blacktown. whenour train went past - well if there was a body it was covered thank god. i am not one of those people who likes to gawk at accidents...i will make a point of not looking!
i know people who are suicidal are not thinking straight but damn...of all the ways to chose to go...what if you survive for a lil while after the fall/train hitting you? what about the traumatised train driver? these things would run through my head long before i could ever DO something like that. T.T

anyways my life is boring. all i have to get excited about atm is japan holiday.

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