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making chicken soup....only used a small pot so once i cut up my veggies it was over half filled with veggie...after adding water and chicken there is not much room left...cant turn heat up too high or we could have a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
but eventually i shall have DELICIOUS CHICKEN SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANYWAYS. hows things?
umm i got my order from Torrid today! new Tripp jeans. AT LAST!!!!!!!!!
my old pair died - it was sad. i need a decent pair of pants for when i go to japan. :D
plus i got some other stuff...2 skirts, 2 tshirts, a beanie and a scarf. wasnt planning to get that much but they had a sale! WOO! AND i got a haute cash voucher to spend. EEK! temptation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyhoo. today the idiocy at work continued. i really am amazed i havent punched anyone out yet. hmm - i think i shall do an lj catch up!

WAIT! first i shall change my theme - its been annoying me for a while....
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WOO! i got my paid account back and also userpics.
then i deleted a bunch of them coz i didnt want them anymore - room for other fandoms! :D

am sad. i have to wait a few days to buy the new issue of Frankie but one of our clients at work today (who has a subscription) already got it! and i couldnt stop and have a read! WAH! so mean.

also - one day at work my head WILL explode.
dude who thought boss had said 'wait till someone had finished doing something before starting your work' when they actually said 'wait till someone had finished doing something before you move to the next stage of your work' thought it was perfectly okay to sit on their ass for an hour doing ABSOLUTELY nothing. like not even pretending to do something in that hour...he just DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK???????????????????????????????????
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hmm well i keep neglecting lj. as i cant post anything to my real blog atm you'd think i would make more of an effort with this thing.

hmm am suffering from cold number 4 or 5 (i lost count) this year. so annoying.

ANYHOO JAPAN. my friend Grace and I - after much drama and lameness from the other peeps we were gonna travel with we decided to go off together so we could follow my awesome plan of where to go during our trip. :D
and the day after we decided that we went to a travel agent - booked our accommodation, rail pass and tickets to the ghibli museum and we have both paid off our share now and the other group hasnt even definately decided WHERE they are going yet! TOOLS!!
and i still cant decide between Disneyland or DisneySea. maybe if i have enough cash we will do both....but that will mean one less day of other touristy things in tokyo.

anyhoo - lets see. i have gotten into Mad Men but i have only seen up to the end of season 2. when i grow up i wanna look like Christina Hendricks! and i want my boyfriend to be John Hamm....haha :D everytime i have seen him on a magazine cover at work i have gone a bit mental lately.

stupid grace - she rambled to me one day about the manga Skip Beat...i started reading it. i love it. i am up to chapter 112...or like 164 (that the site i am reading from has anyways). O.o but gawd damn they draw shit out though. my friend is up to the latest chapter and has reported there is still no Ren/Kyoko action!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
umm channel 9 had first ep of that new Sherlock series this evening. missed the start but liked what i saw....but why channel 9?? I LOATHE CHANNEL 9 and try to avoid it at all costs. dont tempt me to download another tv series television gods!!!!!!!!

umm i need to get my paid account back. i miss my userpics!

some youtube vids...arent i nice doing a cut? )

I AM DOOMED. i follow the RSS feeds for a couple of blogs for lolita shops here on lj and a few of the posts i have seen tonight have had shoes i am in LOVE WITH!!!!!!!!! i may go into the shops and blow half my spending money on shoes in one day!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its ok. i hate shoes with bows on them so it does limit my choice a little. :D
cant wear the clothes so i gotta buy SOMETHING when i go on those shops!

also other things i will be buying in japan....well one thing! Olivia relaeased a greatest hits cd - normally i would buy it online asap but i want to go into a japanese cd shop and buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah....feel free to be shocked when i say i am 33. it shocks me too sometimes. :D
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i tweeted yesterday 'EEK! due to computer death rebecca never saw the end of Dollhouse s2, Supernatural s5 and Spooks s8! this must be remedied asap!' then rambled how i am about to blitz our download limit for the first time in months. teehee.

well i just finished getting Dollhouse. started on SPN.
Probably wont start watching for a few days though.

i cant stop thinkng about japan trip. mainly because of the three of us going (not counting my mates other random friends that i dont know) i ....this is quite scary....am the most sensible. :D
thoughts and stuff - damn i hope i have done the cut right. havent done this in ages! )
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its not far off 4am. gome! i blame lj. i would have gone to bed an hour ago but decided to read a bit of backlog of friends posts.

man i gotta cull some of these twilight communities. i still like the books but i dont give a damn about the fandom...or the movies. blargh!

hmm i just saw something that reminded me of an obsession i had recently actually. who can explain it? not me!
Robert Rodriguez. the director. like i was totally crushing on him and watching all these vids on youtube and shit and rewatching all the dvds of his films i have and then rewatching with directors commentary on. it was sad. :D
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i am having the biggest brain blank man.

Japan living folks, or peeps who love japan and have been there - i need your help!
give me some major things to do in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka.

seriously i cant think of anything apart from walking into a cd shop and going NUTS!
oh and Dineyland or DisneySea is the one definate thing me and my mate grace can agree on. kind of LAME!

umm did i mention i am off to Japan for 2 weeks in NOVEMBER!! FUCKING HELL I AM EXCITED AND NERVOUS AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!
i have forgotten any helpful nihongo i once knew!
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oops. i forgot to send a message on monday...but then i havent really been on lj since my comp died so its easy to forget.

MY COMPUTER IS FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damn my paid account and extra userpics have lapsed. not sure when i will have spare cash to get them back.

but anyways - HELLO LJ LAND! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant wait to get back into some fandom!! the only thing i am sort of obsessed with atm is True Blood - i have been watching news eps streamed on the net because i couldnt download stuff on the Mac i was boring coz owners (my parents) would have chucked a shit if i had installed a bunch of stuff. :D
but yeah - i have only read the first two Sookie Stackhouse books and they didnt impress me much - OMGAWD I JUST REMEMBERED I HAVE A BUNCH OF BOOKS ON THIS COMP I CAN READ!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been sooo denied!!!
ANYHOO - i like the show better. i decided on a whim a few weeks after season 2 was released on dvd here in oz to buy season 1 and 2 and if i didnt like it i could just give the dvds to my sister because she said she liked it. watching season 1 i did not understand why peeps liked eric...but season 2?/ OH BABY! AM IN LOVE!!!
I also adore Pam. Lafayette, Jessica/Hoyt (ZOMGAWD THE SWEETENESS!!!!!).
the stupidity of Jason Stackhouse hurts my brain while also entertaining me. heh. Sookie and Bill I am all a bit blah about. typical. i never liked Buffy and Angel either. :D and Bella and Edward?? sorry i am into ALice and Jasper!

anyways i am just rambling crap.
just a warning to my lj mates - i will probably be going a bit nuts in the next few weeks. missed you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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so hello lj. i keep neglecting you. pc is still dead. i spent my most recent batch if spare cash on clothes. y i am smart!

anyways i am hear to record details of a wcky dream i had coz t facebook update is just too short! :D
its completely random and dumb. hey sorry about mega number of typos the keyboard on this mac is temperamental!!!
Read more... )
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umm is anyone still using livejournal?

my computer died in early december and i have been using my parents macs to go online. usually am too lazy to log into anything other than twitter and facebook.

comp hasnt been fixed yet. feel much deprived.

half my fanlists have been closed because i havent been able to update my websites. what bollocks.

went to the second sydney Big Day Out show. saw Muse. WAS AWESOME.
have a mini crush on no-chin Bellamy! how lame!
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so just watched ep 3 of Spooks. lil Lucas...just getting darker and darker. its awesome to watch....but i wonder how RA shrugs it off when he goes home at night. :D

disturbing moment #1 - boobage! i dont wanna see that chicks boobs. her dodgy american accent, her weird forehead,,,and now i have seen her boobs. kill me now! or her. i hope she dies (character...actress can live i suppose) in a firey inferno! coz she is clearly dodgy as!
disturbing moment #2 - richards ass! (not in the scene you would expect) i wasnt expecting it! and i dunno - i have this weird thing when i crush on someone seeing them nekkid hurts my brain. was pondering avoiding getting Between the Sheets for that very reason...but spooks sprung buttocks on me so why bother avoiding eh?

anyhoo oz has been stinking hot the last few days. me no likey!
but hurrah - um just turned the air conditioner on in the bedrooms so i am nice and cool now. i get in trouble when i do it but father can not argue the electricty bill thing at ME when mum turns it on! YAY!

am debating whether to download New Moon or not. i had tospend my spare cash this fortnight on things for a mates bday so i havent been able to go see it yet and wont be able to till next wednesday. do i care enough to download? honestly all i care about is Charlie and Alice in this one. lols. i am weird!

we have reached beverage crisis!!!! last shoppingtrip someone (not moi because i would never be so stupid) purchased teh wrong type of green cordial *they got the less sugary one or whatever its supposed to be..). it tastes awful. just like diet and coke zero taste awful. if i am gonna drink garbage i want the full sugary version THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if i dont my tastebuds freak out and tell other parts of my digestive system 'we aint drinking that shit - i order you to comence puking procedures!' for reals people!
i need to find something to drink!

anyhoo - i havent watched latest spn. i know nothing. except one of my twitter buddies mentioned tears while watching...so perhaps i should prepare myself.

anyways - just a rambley post. nothing important to share...just noticed i hadnt posted ofr a while.
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i wasted money buying lollies in case some trick or treaters showed up last night. none did!
so now i am poor and have a shitload of lollies that need to be eaten!!

for some reason our house is stinking hot. have had the air conditioner on for a bit but i think evil personages just turned it off. i am gonna cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anyhoo - did i post on here i bought the Bleakhouse on dvd? well i finally finished watching it. have never read the book. quite liked it. was happy when a certain character was offed. what a bastard!

ooh - i have an SPN ep to watch!
OHOH - i only watched LAST weeks ep of Dollhouse yesterday! Awesomtastic! Any eps about the other actives makes me SUPER HAPPY! and aww lil Topher. i wanna squishy him!! and Boyd was awesome! you rock dude! i mean YAY Tahmoh but Boyds motives and agenda being in the Dollhouse WAY MORE INTERESTING! and hey where WAS my Tahmoh anyways? denied pervage....except Enver is adorable. i always vote more Victor!

anyways i gotta watch spn and then if i am still not sleepy i am gonna watch some season 7 spooks. cant wait for new eps to start this week!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i still follow some of the gothic lolita shops RSS feeds here on lj and it makes me so sad when sometimes they will post an awesome piece of clothing (which being a lard arse i could never wear but lets forget that point) or like the cutest pair of shoes in existance BUT the item is always RUINED coz they have wacked a huge bloody bow on the side of it! FOR GODS SAKE PEOPLE!!! GET OVER THE BOWS!

i dunno if this will let me direct link ooh i am bad) but

i can deal with the bow near the strap but the other one down near your toes???? DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in other news the song Purple Rain is on rage! WOO! old skool prince is love!

post fixed...yay my html skills are broken. i blame bbcode!
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Hi lj-land. Neglecting you again. I have been making posts on my blog instead! Quite shocking!
Not lots though - maybe 1 or 2 a week. I have been condensing my more moronic brainfarts to 140 characters on Twitter...as you do. :D

just doing a bit of an lj catch up. most odd. usually the gaps between my catch ups are so long i dont see any of the posts i saw lasttime but this time about a third of them were ones i'd see before.
what have i been up to?

Did i mention me and my mates are going to the second Sydney Big Day Out show? MUSE BABY! IMMA GONNA SEE MUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
umm - i have never really listened to anyone else on the lineup. $140 or so for one band! GO ME!

Umm well earlier this week i joined the Armitage Army forum. I managed to hold out almost 2 months on joining a forum for the guy. I deserve a medal!

now my random discussion of various fandom/tv thingies i am a fan of.

Have i mentioned my epic love of watching Glee? I even bought songs legitimately off iTunes Music Store coz of it! Madness!! :D
We are a few eps behind here in oz - last week we had the ep Vitamin D. Gawd I love Sue - this line killed me..."It began at dawn, when I tried to make a smoothie out of beef bones, breaking my juicer."
i saw some of teh upcoming songs...WHY is Will singing the Thong song? NO DONT TELL ME!

I finally got to see Epitaph One (dollhouse ep). very cool and interesting.
Honestly they could take Echo out of the mix and it would be a brilliant show. the ONLY thing i want to know about Echo is WHY she can remember the imprints.
But I want to know much more about teh other actives. Whiskey is my fave. I love teh guy who plays Victor coz he is THE BEST at changing characters. I dont recall her real name but i want more November (though i still think of her as Mellie). ANd i love our lil aussie actress who plays Sierra - i havent seen the newest ep but supposedly there is awesomeness with her in it! YAYS!
Tahmoh still continues to be gorgeous and if he calls and says move to Vancouver I am there! as soon as i stop wasting my money and save up for a plane ticket.
OOH and i decided to read the Riverworld book series coz he is gonna be in teh show they are making of it. just started on the first book tonight!

Twilight. well i havent paid any real attention to anything Twilight. i wish it was last year before the first film came out when 99% of teh mags didnt know how huge it was gonna be so didnt print garbage every bloody issue. they only cool thing is some of the lame aussie chick mags have pics of Ashley Green in them (usually at some event in some cute outfit they are commenting on). it makes me happy coz Alice is my fave and YAY it aint Kristen or Rob!
i think they seriously need to get tabloiding on Jackson Rathbone and Billy Burke. so i can PERV!
but yeah -s o MY POINT is i havent seen any of the ew trailers for the new film. I sometimes see the promo photos and thats about it.
and yay i am UNCOOL - i am almost tempted to waste soem serious money on buying Bellas jacket from Torrid! LOL!

umm SPN. whats happening. was there an ep on this week? i havent checked yet.

Silent Witness is on teh tv atm. i am really sad coz i only watch it to perv on the guy who plays Harry. i am sad he cut his hair...i liked it when it looked more shaggy like when Lucas first shows up in Spooks.
umm there is some kid on the screen chaneling Hary Potter..whats up with that?
seriously i am not paying attention to the ep at all...i just look up everytime Harry speaks. lol

anyways i should post this while Silent Witness is stil on (oh credits are rolling - oops)
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I gotta share coz its too silly for words!
I won the caption contest over on the Richard ARmitage Fan Blog.

I actually had two entries -

9)  "Its time for your bedtime story."
10) "Why yes, this is the casting couch for my next show. Would you care to audition?"

but the first one won.

My faves were the one that came second
6) "I like my women middle-aged and obsessive!"
23) "I'm Rarmitage, THE RARMITAGE.”
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even with hitting the supermarket 3 times since payday, wasting money on some richard armitage-y dvds and buying lots of easyway i still have heaps of money left.
tring to resist going on a Torrid website spending spree.
hording money for when work wants me no more is a good idea!!!!!!11111111

anyhoo i am gonna go to bed early for me....good thing i didnt crawk into bed half an hour ago - the fracking house alarm went off again!
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god aussie tv is garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok so channel 10 is completely lame but sometimes they have good shows on so i usually leave the tv on tehre at all times.
anyways on the weekend i decided to watch teh encore presentatioon of the first ep of Flashforward on channel 7. it was interesting so i decided if the show isnt up against any other shows i like i will watch it...so watching a station other than 10. shocking stuff!

so i turned the tv over about 40 mins before Flashforward starts and HELLO FUCKTARDEDNESS!!!!!

when i was in Canada i watched this dorktastic show Destroyed in Seconds almost every day in the hostel. it was the one thing we could all enjoy/mock together! the voice over guy trying to make it even more dramatic - people doing fracking STUPID shit (like the one where they filled some house with a dozen different fuels so they could train some new firefighters and then they set it alight and BAM explos-y time coz the fumes from the fuels have filled the place - stupid bastards! these are fire fighters people!!! i feel so safe) along with hours of mocking the lametastic commercials (saw the snuggie in canada about 6 months before it became known in oz)

ANYWAYS so yeah - i watched Destroyed in Seconds A LOT!!!
so channel 7 is now showing it BUT the WANKERS have got Grant Denyer doing the voice over shit obviously so they can keep to the aussie content rules required on free to air stations. WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

i dont know why when they do me it pisses me off so much but it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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i am watching the third ep of Glee.
the songs the Acafellas are doing is killing me!!!
Bel Biv Devoes Poison?? HAHAHAHHAHAHHAhAAHAaaAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
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*sigh* i havent looked at lj for a while again. 10days since i posted...even longer since i did a catch up. here i go with that...
still far too interested in Richard Armitage....i COULD go to bed early but instead i am rewatching Spooks eps again while ljing.

i wonder whats been happening in fandom.

anyways...i kind of like Glee. i am not mental about it or anything but i like when they do the songs. :D
i am gonna miss the ep on tomo coz i am having dinner with my mates so i may have to download it.

when i went shopping this arvo i got some foods from Noodlebox (ridiculously overpriced asian fast food place but its the ONLY asian food place at the local shops that are in walking distance from my house) which by the time i got home worked as dinner. but now i am craving some mini dim sims i got while i shopped. they are quite delicious! someone encourage me to just say no!!!!!!!!!1

i just looked at the telly and was momentarily mesmerised by Richard Armitages pretty blue eyes. DAMN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh i dont know if i shared on here but i found out on the weekend our Foxtel is back on (dad turned it off while they were overseas but i guess it got turned back on at the bill anniversary which i assume is the same as the internet one). ANYWAYS so i could an episode of the Bleakhouse. It has Bessie from North and SoutH! i was very excited.
so anyone who has seen it? should i get a copy?
i would like to see the rest but once the folks are home i wont be able to watch the tv with foxtel much coz thats the main tv in the house.

oh! yeah since i posted sydney has had two dust storms - exciting stuff!
the one we had last wednesday i actually SAW but the one on saturday i missed. so sad
Read more... )

HAHAH!!! i so glad i did lj catch up. i only caught SOME of the Emmys - i missed the Dr Horrible bit but i just watched it! HURRAH!!!!!!!!

gah. i bought two new deodorant things today...i couldnt choose and they didnt have lids i could spray them into to test em so i didnt wanna just spray into the air at the supermarket so i bought both and hoped for the best. when i got home and tested one smelt ok and one smelt like....well i suppose its supposed to be deodoranty but it didnt have a particularly specific smell to it. i cant explain. ANYWAYS i had sprayed them both on a bit of my shirt to test em HOURS ago now....but the smells have combined to smell like a perfume...i am not sure which one but its soimething familiar...but damn its assaulting my nostrils. but i am sad coz it smells kinda ok and i would be happy if the deodorant DID smell like that - but its a combo of the two and i aint using two deodorants at once damnit!!!!!! so sad!! haha

umm on my lj catch up i have seen 2 different pics of Tom Felton playing a guitar with his shirt off. i think there are probably a few comatose or even dead fangirls around the planet right now.
atm i would rather see Richard Armitage doing the same.
OH THAT REMINDS me - i have seen some adorably dorktastic pics of him from when he was in Cats when he was a wee thing (i think it was his late teens..maybe early 20s? and i am still talking about Richard here if anyone was confused) i want a time machine so i can go back and pinch his cheeks!

anyways - gawd how many hours did that take. well i am done...and the mini dim sims are still calling. 15 mins in the oven till happiness! i dont think i can resist.

ANYWAYS mums and popsicle are back tomo! WOO! i have someone to pester again!
the planes supposed to get in 8am but i wont see them till like 10pm or later tomo coz i am going out to dinner with my chicas after work!
see you in another 10 days probs lj!
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gah - i walked home from the station again. i am definately not a fit person.
i really should walk home another night this week so i am sure to have enough bus fares till payday but ouchies. my feet say dont do it!
i was about 10 minutes faster than last time which makes me happy - but it was a lot brighter for about half the walk so the whole 'i cant see where i am walking' thing wasnt as big a prob.

please someone give me the energy to get up and have a shower asap so i can go to sleep asap. imma tired now.
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oops i havent posted for a few days.
i think i am over the worst of the head cold but theres still some charming mucus letting me know its still around. lovely stuff that.
on friday though i was feeling crappy but then overnight (thurs nite i mean) i got some sort of stomach bug and have had a crook belly for a few days too. so yeah didnt go to work on friday. :(

i ended up sleeping lots yesterday afternoon/evening and i think thats has helped both the cold and stomach thing.
anyways i DO feel like eating today - unlike yesterday.

i am draining some eggplant at the moment and i think i am gonna just stir fry it but i dont really have anything else to add to it. haha.
am trying to decide if i should also cook anything else. i have some vegetarian sausage things i bought a while back that are in the freezer i could cook up. hmm.
i have two packs of mini dim sims in the freezer and i am trying to be good and not eat them all in one go...they are remarkably delicious once cooked in the oven! I WANT THEM NOW!!!!!

anyway this fortnights brokedom is self induced. if i HAD only worked one day last payweek i would have been in worse straits because ALL my money would have gone on trainfare and iwould have NOTHING left, but i worked 2 days so had a bit more. but i recklessly bought 2 cds after i got my train ticket and now i barely have enough left over for the bus for the rest of the fortnight. JOY!
i might have to walk home a few evenings whether i want to or not. but its all my own fault so lj - i will only whine to you about it.

hmm - i am this close to joining one of the forums about richard armitage.
trying very hard to hold out till i am not madly obsessed anymore. its a struggle. thankfully there are a few RA fans on teh Elliot Cowan Fanbase and they let me gek out a little over there.

tv is shite tonight so i am debating what to watch. Season 7 of Spooks for the second time this week or North and South which i am being very stingy about watching so i am always epically gleeful at teh final scene. i actually watched that scene on youtube teh other day and i started crying and burst out "IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!" from fangirly glee. what a tard! :D

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