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I want to get a Sist faceplate in the UNOA Optional parts order that is now open but I dont have enough in paypal to pay straight away and the stupid public holidays have delayed the transfer in progress till at least tuesday. plus i already had other plans for those funds.
damn i wish i had a credit card right now. >.<

i think you dont have to pay immediately (i should recheck the rules) but i hate doing that - if i buy i wanna pay straight up.
i like the Bully Sist face too...so cute.

Lusis always looks wasted to me....i dont know why....

i just downloaded a recent version of SEMAGIC (lj client).
i must have been using a piece of ancient software...wow its got to much more stuff on the screen.

umm. what else can i ramble about?
well some relos are visiting for the afternoon.
my aunty got me an Ewok doll off ebay. AWESOME.
this is only important because when we were kids my dad bought our cousins these ewok dolls (that were bigger and really awesomer quality than the cute lil guy i just got - so dudes he spent some serious money for 'em) and didnt buy them for his DAUGHTERS.
its been a lifetime of bitterness for sister and i over that slight i can tell you!

week was sorta gloomy because one of my friends at works mum died the previous thursday. i went to the funeral this thursday. i had met her mum a few times but really i was more sad for sarah and her family. i cried more when i saw her dad after the service. poor guy. over 40 years with sarahs mum. i hope he will be okay - he's a sweet old guy.
both her parents have been getting sick on and off for the last few years.

anyways - trying to not feel so gloomy but thats just another person i know who has lost their mum in recent times.
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lets see - what did i do today?

~ i had one of my magical 'oh god my STOMACH' moments mid afternoon at work and felt sick rest of the day! fabo
~ had a lil pissy moment between team leader and myself - was so pissed off sent pissy email to him about it. could get in trouble but he was being an arse first!
~ bought friends b-day pres and pres for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Supernatural seaon 1 dvd (i perv sometime on weekend i hope.)
~ was dragged out to chinese for dinner
~ spent the time since i got home trying to think of peoples names who MIGHT be on facebook...yeah thats fun. >.< i di find one of my old school mates though. tell me if you are on there kids! its much prettier than myspace-of-lame-and-eyesoreness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna watch some shiny Winchester-boys-go-wild but i gotta go to bed soon.
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da fam friends - do you think gakuto and friends called their band SKIN because SEX was taken??


okay - i may be in need of sleep...
or i have ODed on Easyways Green Apple Green Tea.... O.o


best metaquote ever!!!! (maybe)

Sephiroth's like Texas in a way: large, hot, and all for the death penalty.

errr - i gotta stop with the imaginary cackling.


rebeccas heel is hurting muchly. i am really annoyed as it was the first sore part to start feeling better! DONT BE SORE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i took panadol as i am going to bed soon and last night it just started hurting at random times even without pressure on the foot. >.<


was behind on lj again. almost caught up.
hmmm there has been some fun stuff going on in lj world eh? i wonder if any of the smuttier fanfic/art communities i am part fo got hit. shall check profile in a min.

pornish_pixies??????????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
i had some smut-tastic stories added to my lj memories from there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

fuck you lj!!!!!!!! now you have made me ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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